My condolences, Australia

I’m surprised not to see a thread about the Australian election yet.

Are you all too hungover from drowning your sorrows?

Well, my condolences.

How could you all have been stupid enough to elect that guy again? :wink:


Thank God that Howard won again. Thank God someone in the international community who actually realizes that nations have responsibilities was re-elected. Too bad more of the world’s leaders were not like this.

Fred, you are ever so predictable. :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s a sad day for Australians. :loco:
Oops…Fred is American. Damn, it’s a sad day for both countries. :blush:

how is it a sad day for australians? the person they thought will do the best job was elected. vannyel knows better i guess :slight_smile:

The masses have spoken.

:bravo: :bravo: :bravo:

The Australians are not involved in any actual fighting so they have not lost any people, as far as I know. Thus, Australians have not been forced to read about the almost daily body count the way America has had to do since we invaded Iraq.
However, if the cost to Australia had been as horrible, in terms of lives lost and money spent, as it has been for America, Howard would never have been re-elected at all.
Soon Mr. Bush is going to discover what the American people think of his own policy concerning Iraq, and I predict that he won’t be as lucky as Mr. Howard.

Soon Mr. Bush is going to discover what the American people think of his own policy concerning Iraq, and I predict that he won’t be as lucky as Mr. Howard.[/quote]

Famous last words.

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Good on ya, Johnny!

:bravo: :bravo: :bravo:

The results may indeed be Australians selecting the man they think is best suited for the job, but forcing them to vote somewhat skews the results.

The irony is such laws are themselves at odds with the democratic process in which they force people to take part.

The results dont really show a commanding YES for Howard per se. The Coalition - with 80% of the primary counted - have thus far only gained 2 seats. Labor however has lost 9. It was more a case of NO to Latham and this meant Howard got up again.

The Greens had a good run but the Democrats slumped. The one thing thats shits me is how lazy Australians are, at least the Taiwanese - be they blue or green - are passionate.

I agree with cableguy… no Australian soldiers have died (that we know of, although there are rumours a few SAS have died) and nor have any Australian workers in Iraq. Until they do Australians simply cant be bothered.

Sad times… moving back to Taiwan ASAP! :slight_smile:

Fear and consumption feed the Aussie heart.

Just look at these evil little’ns in the background of this photo of the Ultra Conservative Family First Candidate Fielding he and his evil brood now hold the balance of power.

Are those not the spawn of Damien?

Holy fuck! That one on the right gives me the willies. Talk about the spawn of the Devil!

As with most 1st world countries the issues were mortgages and routines: the safety of the current arrangements. Latham had no issues to raise as his Labor party has long abandoned any socialist radicalisms from whence it was born - the social-engineering by legislation vote going to the Greens.

Australians are conservative and predictable because they are well-fed, and secure (for the most part) from real poverty and discrimination (that’s why people flock to migrate). John Howard has capitalised on the complacency and fears of the electorate. Latham will have to do a Blair with Labor and make it reinvent itself. I’d love to be a fly on the wall at the next Labor Caucus meeting!

You people should be thankful Howard won. The Labour idiots had clearly stated that they didn’t give a roo’s ass about Taiwan, and would be overjoyed to see Beijing make the problem go away.

I don’t know if Howard would assist in Taiwan’s defense or not, but the idiots on the other side clearly stated that they wouldn’t.