My Dog is Missing in Danshui

This is a long shot, but if anyone sees a little white Maltese Terrier that answers to the name, Bobby, in Danshui area, please call 0935 622247 and ask for James. He was just outside the door of the bakery on Shalun Rd, while I went in to pick up a snack for my wife, and when I can out a minute later he was gone. He is very slow, and I think there’s no way he would get far alone, but my wife and I searched everywhere for hours, day and night and found nothing. We are calling the pound when they are open, but we really feel that he has been taken by someone. He was abused before we had him, so doesn’t trust people, especially kids. He doesn’t go near grass for some reason and as an effect of prior abuse has rotten teeth that he is taking medication for periodically. He also has a milky white glaze over his eyes from deteriorating sight. When I figure how to post a picture, I’ll put one up. I know this is a long shot, but if anyone thinks they have seen a dog like this, please let me know.

sorry my friend about ur dog, i hope that u can find him soon !!

Any word? Any good news? :pray:

wasn’t this the dog that was found at the amusement park and the amusement park owner took care of it until it was reunited?

She was found the day she was lost by a local, who gave him to a friend to take care of. The bad weather meant not many people saw the posters we placed, but after the weather cleared someone responded and brought him back :slight_smile: Very happy that it was all over, so happy that I forgot all about my post here, sorry :unamused:

Wonderful! I love happy endings!

Posters work! Great you got the dog back. :thumbsup: