My first post! Arriving in TW end of Jan

Greetings all!

Hi, I’m moving to Taiwan at the end of January, why? Because I married a wonderful lady last year before her career requires her to move back to TW for at least 2 years or so before another overseas posting - if she decides to continue. We might settle, we might not).

So, I’ve read a fair few posts on this site and am glad to have found it. To save time, I’m coming on a spousal visa, we have accommodation sorted, I can use a rice cooker (though not well) and I’ve learned to avoid certain girls (this site confirming to me what I was warned of by a half-taiwanese mate. I’m 33.

To kick things off :
a) What is/are the first thing(s) I should do upon arriving?
b) Can someone advise me about the wi-fi situation in Taipei? (i.e. anything I need to know about getting my VPN working soI can watch the Queens speech next Christmas and/or good areas where there is free wi-fi in downtown Taipei so I can work on my business plans)
c) Cheese - both my wife and I love cheese, she’s been here for 6 years so has no idea of the state-of-cheese in Taipei and where to get good stuff. We are not high earners (yet, hopefully).

Any other thoughts or questions appreciated - can’t wait!

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:joy: Welkom to fou-mosa!!

It is not a very good situation. However If I am proven wrong on that I will be very happy.

Costco has an okay selection of cheese, from what I’m told. I can’t eat cheese, though, so I can’t really help.

What could it mean…
I mean, aren’t you married? Why do these “certain girls” factor into your thinking?

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Thank goodness I read this wrong at first, I thought the VPN was the problem. With a good VPN I can order cheese. Anyone here work in Customs?

Seriously though, thanks for commenting. Shall we open a cheese shop then?

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“I mean, aren’t you married? Why do these “certain girls” factor into your thinking?”

Fair point! I put this badly, it was meant to be kinda jokey but there is serious element to this. I know I’m sound but I know my wife is worried - enough that she keeps on mentioning “How will you deal with girls that approach you…?” so I’m not going to allow myself to fall into a dubious situation (sexually) and I’m aware that this could happen if I were naive. I’d rather argue with my wife about the electricity bill than mistaking someones intentions. After all, they say Taiwan is very friendly (I’m moving there having never even visited).

That’s funny. I’m joked out though, sorry. Mind if I just watch?

Start learning the language, if you haven’t already. Consider joining a class or maybe hiring a tutor. If you’re gonna be here for a while, and especially if you decide to settle, it’s absolutely to your benefit.

I wouldn’t worry about it too much, really. Most Taiwanese women are actually pretty shy and unwilling to end up in situations where they have to communicate in English. If you aren’t hitting the clubs or going to bars alone all the time then it’ll be okay.

But to go back to my first point, don’t try learning the language by doing a language exchange with an attractive young woman. Temptation abounds.

Seems like a strange thing for someone to keep asking…they don’t have girls where you live?

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  • Learn Mandarin immediately, or Taiwanese if you’re into that sort of thing
  • WiFi and internet are easily available everywhere, usually free, and you could get a cheap unlimited 4G wireless plan on arrival (or your wife could, anyway)
  • Cheese is expensive. Especially good cheese. If you’re not a high earner, you’ll either be spending a significant amount of money on good cheese (to be found at Jason’s or City Super), or you’ll do without. Likely the latter. Regular supermarkets only carry the processed cheese singles.
  • Google and read extensively before posting all of your newbie questions, of which you will be sure to have many.

Thank you.

Don’t worry. I’ve not had this problem :slight_smile:


Are we drunk on forumosa again or just feeling extra bitter tonight?

The distinct lack of typos would lead me to believe it’s the latter


Yes, there are girls. And if they speak to you randomly there are two reasons - and I mean ONLY two.
A) They want you to give your bank details to whatever charity they are raising funds for [chugging] or
(B) they are luring you into a situation where you get mugged at knifepoint.

No-One in London speaks to each other and are very happy with that. We know how to interact if we have to (carrier pigeon, via HR @work, find a friend of a friend of a friend… who can introduce them to prove either party aren’t out for the money, or are, depending. etc… but not mugging or chugging).

Or they are not from London, and it’s not taking that risk given one largely only emerges from ones flat/house safety at rush hour and Friday night.

So for me going somewhere so friendly is actually quite scary!

Welcome. Lots to learn and talk about.

Still not sure what “certain girls” you need to avoid. But let me know, just in case I need to do some research.

a) Get a SIM with unlimited data. Good internet and fairly cheap. Learn to use Google Translate well. Find a Chinese language school and go 4 days a week for a couple hours per day. Many flexible ones. Buy an umbrella.
b) VPN isn’t necessarily needed but can use if you need or want. Free wifi is available at most coffee shops and Starbucks wifi is free and the same password auto logs in all over Taiwan.
c) Cheese isn’t a thing, it’s like stinky toufu to foreigners. Start hitting the nice/international supermarkets like Jason’s, City Super, etc. usually located lower floors of shopping centers. Or the shops beside.

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By the way, coming from your part of the world, you are going to find Taiwan incredibly hot as the months pass into May. Hope you’re ready for that.

Nah, Uncreative up there

Oh, and expect to be the entertainment when you meet the family during Chinese New Year.

Dear Lord this is my biggest concern really - I’m a cold weather person too! I always figured I’d end up in Iceland or somewhere. I’m aware but thanks for pointing it out in case I wasn’t. Our move wasn’t timed to give me a soft landing (end-o-jan), but that’s how I see it, and I am worried…

You’re coming around the coldest and wettest time of the year. Suicide weather — days and days of gray. Then there will be an interval of really nice springlike weather for about six weeks in March April and then it’ll start to heat up.

I think it’s a good move actually, easing you into the climate like that.