My first post in Formosa was in 2004 about having a baby. Now "baby" found my stupid post and thinks I'm stupid

My first post was something like “I’m having a baby what do I do?” That baby is now 15 years old. She found my old posts on Formosa and its actually pretty great. She saw all the problems we faced and how we were just scared meatheads trying to figure it out.
There were some things I forgot about and it was nice to revisit it after 15 years. Thanks for that Forumosa.
Just be careful everyone because one day your kids might look you up and find out you just made a lot of “wiener jokes”


So what did she find stupid?

About half of my posts where I sound like a scared kid trying to figure out what is very simple for me here or the other half of my posts where I say something stupid

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It could be worse. “Dad, why is your forum name “XxX69AssBlaSter69XxX” ?”. Or:“Dad, I found a folder on your pc named “memes” and I a have a few questions…”



alright,let’s go :pick: into the archives.
need some :beer: for this

I wouldn’t take it personally. 15 year olds think everything is stupid. I have a 2 year old daughter myself, and worry about what she’ll think of her old man in ten years.
Welcome back!

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I forgot what a big part of my life this forum was from 2004-2007. I made so many decisions on the advice given here. No thanks for the tribal tramp stamp tattoo recomentation. Hasn’t aged well


Don’t worry. I never thought that was stupid


True, True. For me, at least. Well not everything but a lot of things.