My friend Cooks at home but doesn't have a refrigerator

Nice home, but didn’t and doesn’t think important to have a refrigerator.

Phenomenally great cook invites me over to eat frequently.

Picks up all the food in the morning and let’s just sit in the kitchen all day until cook time so I guess that’s okay as long as you cook it and kill anything that might be trying to kill you.

Just you and your drink tonight? :laughing:

Is it night already I can still see light from the convenience store window.

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Do they deliver or are you trying to save your expat money?

I’m inside a convenience store and the cooler never empties but I still see light outside.

I’m on my way to go eat some good home cooked food that’s been sitting on the kitchen counter all day.

Did you pick up your complimentary Nancy Pelosi tape worm?

Much better than a big arse picture.

The food storage is the bathroom usually. It’s quite common before the era of fridge as common electronics.