My Friend wants to work in Canada/USA

Hi there,

I’m sure this has been answered many times before, but sometimes it’s hard to sift through the search results to find what’s relevant. So any help anyone can give is great.

I need to know if any Taiwanese born women out there have gone to the Canada or USA on a one year work visa. And if so, how did you go about doing it? I have a friend who really wants to do this, so anyone who knows, please email me. She doesn’t want to immigrate, she just wants to work there to improve her English. As she is already in her 30’s, she doesn’t want to only be a student because she needs to support herself.

Much much appreciation to anyone who can help or knows of someone who has had this experience.

Hard to say without knowing how much education and experience she has. Basically the more qualified she is for specific jobs, the better her chances will be.

Ever since the Patriot Act was passed after 9/11 it has become really hard to get a visa, let alone a green card.
Try going to US de factor embassy in Taipei. It is easier to get into Canada than US.

It depends on agreements between countries. The US is not so welcoming especially to people who want to work these days. Canada might be a better bet. I also heard Taiwanese qualify for the working visa to Australia now, perhaps your friend can check that out.