My graphics driver seems to be lost

I somehow managed to delete my graphics triver.

From going to the best resolution I went to the worst one, so my computer has the feel of a 1988 thing.

My monitor is a Samsung syncmaster 763dfx

When I go to the screen setting, it says: Syncmaster on standard PCI graphics Adapter VGA.

I can’t Get the resolution up from 640x480, and it claims that there’s only 16 colors.

Any advice? It seems that the software thingy, I managed to delete was an asustek driver of some kind. (I think that the number was Asusv7100pro), but I can’t find the right thing on the asustek web site.

I’d guess you need to install your video card again.
By the way, I don’t think your problem has anything to do with what type of monitor you have.

is this the offender?


Also, here’s a link to where you might be able to download your particular driver. It’s not listed on that link above.

Re-install the drivers.

I did so and was not especially lucky. It works even better than the old one, but once the monitor goes into power-save mode, it refuses to get back on.

Hmm. Guess I better have to try again.

Mr He, that may have something to do with your power saving settings.

I think your computer is going into standby mode and will not come out of it unless you press the “sleep” button on your keyboard (if you have one), or I think you can press the power button and it should return from hybernation.

right click on desktop, properties - screen saver, power settings - play around and you will find it.

i hope this sovles your problems… :wink:

Thanks, I will try it out tonight.