My Household Registration Office Removed Me - Can I Still Vote?

Quick question relating to voting in the upcoming presidential election.

A couple of days ago I discovered that my local Household Registration Office had removed me from my household (which usually only happens if one moves overseas) for unknown reasons. This has happened once before, so I was able to rectify it quickly and now I’m listed in my household again.

Now my question is:

Will this affect my eligibility to vote in the upcoming presidential election?

(I wasn’t able to vote in the local elections last year because my household registration had only been in my city for less than 4 months, because they had moved me out without my knowledge.)

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huh? The only way one would be auromatically moved out of household is for being outside the country for over 2 years. Either you didn’t return using a Taiwan passport, or you are renting and your landlord doesn’t want you to be on it?

Regardless, if you have household registration at one place for 4 months, you are eligeable to vote. Unless someone can prove you don’t actually live there or something.


Right. My question is, does the 4 months get reset because my household registration somehow got moved out?

I just asked them to fix it and move it back in last Friday, so does that mean I won’t be able to vote in the upcoming presidential election?

I think unless you can prove they’ve made an error, otherwise you might not be able to vote. In any case, a month prior to the vote, I think there’s an online system that you can check if you are eligible to vote.

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Not sure how I would even go about proving that. I mean, I didn’t move it, and it didn’t move itself. So somebody in the office must have moved it.

Maybe show then records on your passport that you haven’t been out for the country for more than 2 years and tell them they’ve made an mistake?


Please disregard the information that was in this post. I made a mistake. I posted the wrong law.

I’m sorry if I misled anyone.

–Charlie Jack


did they move out your hhr abroad, without checking your passport? or your hhr was moved to hhr office, as you were “missing”?


Moved to HHR office. But what does “missing” mean? Does someone knock on my door regularly to check if I’m still living here?

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Does this mean that the landlord (as the head of the household) has the ability to remove anyone from the household registration for that address, even against your wishes and without your consent, signature, or seal?

And the HHR office will comply with this landlord-instigated removal, against your wishes, even if you are physically residing there? So what happens to your registered address if you get forcibly removed in this manner from HHR? It goes into “moved out of Taiwan” status?

It seems rather surprising to me that someone else (even if head of household) has the ability to alter your HHR registration without your knowledge and consent.

you found the right regulations. Article 13 is for the ops situation.

13 Alteration, revocation, or cancellation registration

op should be able to cancel the moveing out registration, instead of moving in again. in that case, i guess he can vote.

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Oops, sorry for the error! I’ll remove Article 15.

Thanks for the information, @tando!

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didn’t you ask why it happened? someone might have reported you were not there.

Technically the contract needs to be up and the renter should have moved out. However, in the case where the former renter failed to update their household registration, the landlord could totally revoke their registration, and they could do it online.

Technically, the local government should check to see if the renter has indeed moved out. How that’s practiced in real-life is another matter.

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How did you find out about this? This sounds like a pretty big deal, so I’m wondering how to check on and prevent this kind of situation.

Did the HHR office send you any notification? Did you have to go to the HHR office yourself to check your status? Or is there some online way of checking your HHR status?

No. My mother was the one dealing with them, and all she told me was that my name was missing from our HHR certificate, so she had to ask them to put me back. I don’t think they gave her a reason.

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