My major chain school is asking me to teach Kindergarten

Started training for a major chain school recently and I’ve recently discovered that they are expecting me to teach English to a couple of kindergarten classes (about 10% of my classes, maybe two hours a week or so).

That’s illegal right? What should I do? Just politely tell my boss that I’m not interested in teaching those classes?

I heard a rumor somewhere that the law changed on this? That as long as the school is registered as a buxiban then its okay now? Again this is heresay and would love if someone has any updated info on this. (could be totally 100% wrong)

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I think you need a license in Taipei, call up immigration and the department of education and ask. Never trust your boss here. NEVER


We have several threads about it, lying around somewhere…

Short answer: it’s almost always illegal.

there is a discussion on allowing english for kindergarten, but i think the law has not be changed yet. If the school is not a kindergarten but a buxiban, it is ok to teach english to kinder age kids. If the school is registered as a buxiban but a de facto kinder, it is illegal.

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Is it illegal: yes
Will you get caught and deported: very small chance
Does it suck working with the anxiety about that: Very much

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If you’re new there and you refuse to do it, they could just pull your visa/arc application, then they don’t even need to fire you. I would just do it at least until your visa application goes through.

If you work for a major chain and you get caught, you won’t get deported unless you do something dumb like confess. People get raided and caught by the police all the time, and nothing happens. Unfortunately it’s part of the job.

Just say no, it is illegal!
If anything goes wrong, you will end up getting the short end of the stick.
There are plenty of schools around, so you shouldn’t worry about lack of opportunities.
If school wants you to do teach kinder knowingly that it is illegal (believe me, they know it), is it a big red flag that they’ll ask even more stuffs from your in the future. :2cents:


A guy I know had his kindy raided recently and broke his ankle jumping out of a window. Poor sod is an overstay, too, so he doesn’t have NHI.

It’s amazing the mess people can make of their lives.

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No it’s not. Unless you want your boss to have you on a string.

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Hello K-Man, no one here was complicit in hiding illegal activity to the immigration office! The first line from Mr BiggusDickus was clearly a typo that I corrected.


Not actually correct. It’s legal to teach at a buxiban, yes - so it’s less risky than being at a kindergarten full time. But it’s not (currently) legal for anyone, Taiwanese or foreigner, to teach a non-Chinese language to kids under the age of 6. That includes English, Japanese, French, etc.

Unless THAT changed recently and I didn’t hear about it.

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do you know the regulation saying this?

There is also a long discussion to ban all academic teaching such as foreign languages, math, etc to kids younger than 6, but the regulation has not been effective yet. As far as i know.

I can make it even worse. He’s overstayed for 20 years. The man’s a lunatic. Great fun, though.

I’ve personally known foreigners to have had their visas cancelled for that or even working at an address that they are not registered to work at. The reason these things happen are often due to rival cram schools trying to put each other out of business ; especially if one has better Guangxi than the other.

No-one has better Guangxi than Guangxi, not even Guangdong. :2cents:

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20 year overstay? Making enough money by working kindies to pay for his injuries and a decent lifestyle? He must be fictitious.
That’s a heck of a lot of work. He could have just been a cram school slave for a few hours a week and have an aparc by now. If this dude is real he must have some great tricks. The immigration service should give him an APARC and hire him as an unofficial agent to bust others.
Who am I kidding I cannot be a snitch?
They should let him take the citizenship test and force him to give up his own citizenship. He’s not going anywhere.
It may be an urban legend but I believe I’ve read about people who have been here so long illegally and have gone native, speaking Taiwanese better than some of the locals.
They were known by the police and after so many years the police just said it’s time to go home.
It’s off topic but it’s a good question are there people like that?

Ergo, he hasn’t left Taiwan in 20 years since they would’ve caught it on re-entry. Not having any vaca from “ghost island” for 2 decades is punishment enough.


He wasn’t fictitious last time I played pool with him.

He’s been earning kindy pay, tax free obviously, for 20 years and doesn’t have a pot to piss in.

Yes, there are people like that.


Fight Dickus?