My message erased

I posted a message in the Taiwan Politics forum that was erased.

Maybe the message wasn’t that polite, but hardly any of the messages in the Taiwan politics forum are polite, and mine was more polite than most. I made a legitimate point and it should not have been destroyed. I just asked a simple question - how many of all the posters whining about racism against Chinese in Taiwan, how many of them have actually set foot in Taiwan?

I made my point and it was a good one. Only two of them admitted that they had ever set foot in Taiwan. None of the rest of them had ever set foot in Taiwan, and I called them out on it. This is a legimate point. If you’re going to constantly post about Taiwan politics and all the “racism” in Taiwan, it might be nice to have actually visited the country. I don’t see why my pointing this out should be cause for removal of my post. Maybe it hurt those posters because the truth hurts the worst. OK, so maybe I wasn’t that diplomatic in pointing out the hypocrisy. So sue me. I obeyed the rules of this site as far as I understand them. I have seen much worse posts allowed to slide by. I didn’t attack anybody in person, I just pointed out a basic bit of hypocrisy - that most of the anti-Taiwan posters in the Taiwan politics forum have never set foot in Taiwan. Somebody had to say it sooner or later.

I never got to read your post, but your point that many of the negative nellies have never been to Taiwan is a valid one, and should certainly be open for discussion.

Could it have been better said in a PM?

Just asking.

I know that in IP, the mods “line item delete” things instead of removing the entire post, so that continuity isn’t broken.

dunno…just speculating

IP comodem mod

Ah yes, that was me. I moved it into the flame forum. You accused posters by name of being paid by the CCP to post on Forumosa. Next time discuss the message and not the messenger. Thanks,


Echoing Dr. Z, I also did not see the post.
However, I also agree that it should not have been removed as it did provide some interesting context to the general discussion.
Maomans issues noted, if the posters admitted to never having been on Taiwan I think that admission does add a new context to their quotes.
As to their being financially sponsored by the CCP/PRC for posting on, hell…I thought that was generally understodd and factored in to the interpretation of their posts… :whistle:

What’s the relevance of their having been in Taiwan or not? I don’t understand. Does this mean that we should also stop discussion of Middle East politics if we haven’t been there? Or discussing George Bush if we haven’t been to the states? How about the Brazilian rainforest?
Your point doesn’t seem to be a good one at all, to me.

perhaps because they cannot get an accurate picture from the news they are provided with in china, what with the government sanctioned selection of stories there?

they only get one side of the story, and that side is going to be the bad one. :idunno:

Erm, most of them are posting from the states. :wink:

Do they get any news about Taiwan in the USA? I know Canada doesn’t get any. All I knew about Taiwan before I came here was what I could glean from websites such as this. It was helpful in getting me settled in, but hardly made me an expert on Taiwanese politics.

fair enough … honest question.