"MY Music" gone loco

i have a problem when i try to browse the “my music” folder on my xp machine. whenever i try to browse through the 10gb or so of files it takes about 2 mintes to scroll through each page.

if i use the search command (for mp3’s) i can browse them at the normal pace. i’m guessing it has something to do with loading all the information from the ID3 tags but i’m not sure but i got no idea how to fix it. any ideaS?


first things first: defragment your hard drive! then use a software like mp3bookhelper to rename, retag and move your files to different folders depending on artist/genre (if not already done)… it will make things smoother than having everything in large folders.

I use [u]MediaMonkey[/u] to organize all 300+GB of my music… Low resource, doesn’t bog on huge collections, works w/ winamp, and it’s free too. I’m using the paid version, but the free version is great too.