My name is white supremacy?

Jeeze, are the albinos crushing it everywhere they go, or are they intentionally oppressing the original real deal and making it worse in a subtle, yet effective way, to make people hate said culture. The english made a lot of people hate indian and japanese food pretty easily via terrible curry, i assume because they knew real indian food could overtake whateevr sludge it was coming out of the UK. in the end, indian shone through, and we all see through the fakery. Then vam the CCP virus, back to clouded versions of all cuisines…maybe the yellows are the real puppetmasters…

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I hope that’s sarcasm, real hard to tell sometimes…

A girl never tells…

Being petty and angry 24/7 is totally radiant!

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My theory is carotenemia. Yes, it’s a thing.

good one

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Carrots are his guilty pleasure. Can you imagine the flak he’d get if his secret was revealed?

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big celery will never let that happen


Or the Cheetos lobby.


Thanks for the mental image of Trump going down on some Meatloaf!

I see meatloaf on menus in diners all the time.

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O yas you are right. Introduced by the british navy or something?
so basically its a 5x problematic white supremacy colonialism twitter implosion meal!

Indian curry> English cultural appropriation > English navy colonialism > Japanese cultural appropriation x2 > Taiwanese cultural appropriation x3 > white supremacy of canadians eating the meal in taiwan.

Japanese curry in taiwan: Probably the most problematic meal in the universe.

and don’t forget, it was also a risotto with cheese on top, so the formula isn’t quite complete!

this meal:

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You joke, but the Taipei American School taught my kids that Europeans (specifically Prince Henry) started slavery in the Age of Exploration. I don’t know what specifically what was taught, but both my kids and a friend over for a play date all said they were taught that Prince Henry started slavery. I’m sure the message was that he started the slave trade expansion of the time, but obviously the nuance wasn’t properly put in context.


I figure I have three choices: laughter, tears, or self-flagellation

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But TT, the article doesn’t say what you say it says. No wonder you get on so well with Finley! :cactus:

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Maybe it’s a proactive version of “Don’t go round hungry,”* because of worry that if you ever got short of cash, you might be reluctant to ask for help, and magnified by the fact that you’re on the other side of the world.

*My dad (1916-1995) used to use that one.

I quoted from it, did I not? The quote definitely says what it says, although you’re correct what I wrote isn’t an exact quote. No wonder you get on so well with McNulty!