My new idea for a band that fits taiwan

i have an idea for a band that fits the current class level of both listeners and most importantly record company investors in taiwan. i want to start a band of all foreigners called 'the penises". it will feature penises. that’s it. there will be a little music in the background for the video, but for the most part, the focus will be on penises. i’ll be the little one that sings the high parts, kind of the donny osmond of penises. some one else can be the big whopper bass penis, but for the most part let’s not squibble over little details like music. back to the penises. that’s what’s important. maybe we can find someone who is half chinese or abc since that seems to be so much more important than talent nowadays.
imagine: the penises. we’ll be all over 7-11 like SHE. the penises will sell everything. that’s our true value. never mind that we’ll be hogging the music market to do this. we’ll be selling things since we have no talent to make real music. we’ll fit into (pun intended) the taiwan pop ‘music’ scene just fine. there are breasts and now there will be penises. music will never be the same. in fact, fuck music. it’s just standing in the way of sales.
the penises will say 'tren jia jioh shr ni jia" with more feeling than those little finnochios “mayday”. we’ll “stand up” in the market, leading the way to more and more debachery.


No kidding, you’d make a mint here! Brilliant! There does need to be music, though. The Penises should be a cover band for songs like that stupid, “Every Sha-la-la-la,” song, or Lemon Tree, or anything by M. Jackson or C. Dion.

Well, I remember a band I used to like called the Dickies. They had an album called The Incredible Shrinking Dickies that was pretty good.

That’s the best damn idea I ever heard. Sign me up.

The Dickies do a beautiful rendition of Sonny and Chers, “I’ve got you babe”.

as far as shrinking dickies goes mine is getting that way. i need a good dip in the hot spring to get it inflated again.