My windows is full of "?"


I just bought an Acer laptop with a chinese winXP installed. After a couple of days of use, I have this weird problem: there are “???” everywhere. In the menus, in captions, in windows titles, so much that some soft are totaly unusable.
I really have no idea of what I did to make that happen.

Any idea to help me or a link to a thread with related info??



Sounds like a problem you get with Windows when it can’t show Chinese properly, but even my English windows does that properly. Could it be set to simplified characters ?
If you’ve only just got it, could you ask the place you bought it from ?

Install the language pack for whatever languages you are using (English, Chinese etc).

I have never installed or even seen a language pack, but I can use English and Chinese with no problems.

It does sound like a language thing. Maybe you have to go to the ‘Language and Regional Settings’ option (in the Control Panel) and setuo the languages.


I had to install one, it converts e.g. MS Office from Chinese to English. Else no joy when the OS uses another language. Might depend on the application though but I have seen a lot of questions marks before, too …