myTaiwanlife..what is up with all the "My..." ads in Taiwan

Has anyone else noticed the recent trend of “my…” ads? There’s even a whole song for the mycar commercial. I think us, foreign English teachers should make a MV for Forumosa – MyForumosa! (say it in a cute voice of course)!

Please add to the list if I have neglected one of them:
MyBubu (scooter)
MyMobibank (mobile bank for Cathay United)
MyCar ( … re=related) although they write M’Car…
MyPhone for Taiwan DaGeDa


…myass… :sunglasses:

My Taiwan

I think Microsoft started that fad, but this article gives the impression that by 2005, even Microsoft had at least partially abandoned it (I don’t know because I’m still using Windows XP): [quote]But it’s not only Microsoft that’s engaged in the practice. “My” has become the common shorthand in the technology industry to suggest personalization or customization – not only in the file structure of individual programs but also in the names of high-profile services and features.

For starters, there’s My Yahoo!, My eBay, and Google’s “My Search History.”

Not to mention the state of Florida’s government site, And don’t forget the official Swiss tourism site,

“People got carried away,” [Microsoft executive Jim] Allchin said in a recent interview. “Anytime Microsoft does something, everybody wants to do it. … It became a worthless descriptor.”[/quote]–“The end of ‘my’ is nigh,” Seattle Post-Intelligencer, May 30, 2005

It goes well with Taiwanup!

Snoop Dogg could bring out a song: My B*tches :whistle:

My thing is all the “your life” crap.

“order your life”

“fun your life”

“easy your life”

“up your life”

The “my” stuff is like “myspace” or “my yahoo,” I’d have thought.

Taiwan my Up!

It goes well with Taiwanup![/quote]

Homey don’t play dat…

[quote=“housecat”]My thing is all the “your life” crap.

“order your life”

“fun your life”

“easy your life”

“up your life”[/quote]
I’ve also noticed that. It’s even on menus. :loco:

MyLOHAS. Kill me.


I saw MyEGov (Taiwan’s government) on youtube the other day. Also My Warm Day (Fresh Breakfast breakfast shop slogan). I’ve noticed the trend of adding my to everything. First it was my volvo, my phone, then I saw the my mobile bank commercial the other day. That one takes the cake. Shoot me please.

Anyone seen any My- prefixes for medical services, or maybe funeral parlours? Interesting possibilities there.

My Dick! :sunglasses:

mai pen rai

Take my Taiwan life. Please!

My EZ iLife: Cliches for Everyone!

I think the advertisement should be filmed in a predominantly white apartment during an extremely sunny day. The apartment should be stylishly, yet minimally furnished with trendy white furniture and it should star a white-skinned actress wearing white yoga clothes while eating yogurt and using her Mac. She should also have a pristine golden retriever that doesn’t shed or drool.

Why don’t I have a marketing job?

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E-commerce in Chinese?