N+1: Bike fancying

Thoughts and opinions on this, for the BANTS

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Jesus you have to pay something for weight saving!

Bike I’m riding at the moment total weight: Santa Cruz - Superlight? 18kg in total, avoid road climbs at all cost.

Bike in Taipei: Aster - F35 SE total weight: 8.5kg mountain climbs hello :grinning:

Yeah, it’s hella expensive but looks great.

My bike is 21kg and is stuck in a fast gear permanently (not fixed, just broken) - i enjoy climbing in it!

I weigh 58kg so bike to rider ratio is in the ‘lol’ range

I like the color. I certainly wouldn’t kick her out of bed. Very stealthy without the logos. I bet it would be a dream to ride.

The price does leave me feeling a bit ‘violated’…but the free shipping might put me over the top. I’m a sucker for free shipping.

I wonder if these stealthy and unisex type colors are a recent trend? Just today I saw this Cannondale supersix Evo that has a very unique color.

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Agreed. Not a fan of the dropped seat stays, although I understand why it’s that way, love that colour definitely though

Perhaps the 12k would be better spent on cycling trips on my £500 8 year old Spesh Allez?

(I ain’t got none of this money lol)

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I know some Specialized stores (in Taipei) will actually do trade ins to get you on a new bike. Not sure if a 8 year old Allez will get you much, but it’s worth a try.

I am actually not a big fan of the Aethos, but that’s mostly from me not ever riding one, but from a price/look stand point, it could really be any other bike on the market right now. As @best_intentions pointed out, the latest trend, which is actually a cost down trend, is bikes are looking a bit more “bland”.

Do not get me wrong, if you have the funds for an Aethos, go for it. Otherwise, a Tarmac is just as good of an option. I mean, it speaks for itself being the winningest bike in 2021 at the World Tour/Cat 1 level.


You can have something hand built and custom for less, sometimes way less…(one of a kind, fully custom geometry, paint, build, etc.). Here’s some of my favorites:



Metals and Metal/Carbon:

Not saying those aren’t great bikes, but for me, when getting into something that high end, I going with a custom builder. Also, this list isn’t exhaustive, feel free to share your favorites if you have them.


Never ridden any carbon bike before, but the Tarmac is gorgeous. Makes me want to put up my kidney on the buy/sell section here.

I’m too wet behind the ears to understand how all the ‘geometry’ works in frames. But this working from home and only biking for exercise has gotten me thinking I need a carbon/aero bike. :upside_down_face:

Definitely 12k would have better uses unless one has a Trust Fund with money that is collecting dust.

One day I will get to the steel/titanium frame when distance and comfort is more important than speed, but right now, my favorite has to be Parlee in the custom built frame genre.


Still trying to convince myself, I just need a simple all rounder disc bike as my n+1, not a 10,000USD custom built frame to set me back and that I am too afraid to ride.

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I think this is bit of a myth…any of these builders could build something that far exceeds the abilities of most/tune the build to do whatever you need it to.

Another advantage of metal…:slight_smile:

Another good choice…


Oh, I don’t doubt that. I have a few brands in the back pocket that I may visit once I’m not pulled in by the stupid marketing ploys of shiny bike brands.


When I return to Taipei.
I’m going to custom paint my Aster F35 carbon frame, it’s outdated shape with to many colours and transfers.
Still lightweight and sturdy so will keep, just modernise colour.
Plus I really want the Di2 gear set, keep calliper brakes as frame and fork don’t have fittings for disk.
New rims and hubs would be nice also.

See how it goes repaint is a definite.

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New paint is the cheat way to n+1, but is acceptable :laughing:

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After staring at some of the frameset options for the Tarmac SL7, the ‘snake eyes’ green looks very appealing, even if in reality its slightly darker. Even the purpley one (which is nearly black in real life) looks great, despite previous comments.

Thankfully they’re all sold out in the UK in my size, guessing this is normal based on its performance in the tour. Suppose they’ll be back in stock for christmas?!

That sounds similar to colour I’m going to paint, I resprayed a Silver car this colour 8 years ago.
Cassis Nacre.

Looks black in the shade


I love the CX, that looks fantastic. Dream is a BX GTI but i fear the hassle of such a vehicle.

This mine in storage in my home garage GT low mileage.

Staying silver.
I used restore 70’s - 80’s Citroen that CX 2500 GTi Turbo 2 was a dream some engine & turbo fettling went like a rocket


It’s the winningest bike in 2021 on the pro tour, so far. I am not sure about last year, but the previous model, SL6, was winningest bike in 2019.

Due to the exponential demand in 2020, the bike industry is playing catch up until 2023. The shortage is still happening all over the world, but if you are looking for anything smaller than a 54cm bike outside of Asia, it’s tough to find in general.

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Yeah i’m a size 58 and in the UK. Basically can’t find a 58 tarmac anywhere. The Aethos is available though so maybe that’s the way to go.