Name the Reference! (non-picture quiz game)

Did you know you literally can trade those for a live hooman if you play your cards right? Crazy planet, man. :earth_asia: :exploding_head:

Hey, I don’t need to know about your alien abduction ring. Best keep that stuff on the dark net.

It’s hooman-to-hooman abduction!

But actually you missed the joke: it’s a new game – find the reference! Like a picture quiz, but instead of a location you need to name the some not-too-too-obscure book, film, show, song etc. I’ll start a new thread now! :slightly_smiling_face:

Hint: when someone was traded for “a pile of tiddlywinks”, she was referred to as “Little Miss Muffet”.

Lady Gaga?

Lol try harder.

Mary Poppins?

I’ll just leave this hear and come back tomorrow to see how much damage has been done. :flying_saucer:

That’s some obscure shit.

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Congratulations to @Dr_Milker, our first winner! :fireworks:

I didn’t even need to upload this clue!

I even temporarily suspended my :heart: embargo against you, Doc! Though for the record, you still owe like a thousand from your reposts…

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So is the show any good?

Well, you can watch a Canadian make a complete ass out of himself trying to pose as a Coloradan. That has to be worth something, eh?

Also Kiwi landscapes. It’s like they conceived the whole thing as a very long ad for tourism, before Covid! :desert_island: :rainbow:

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This is a repost, but apparently no-one got it, not even @Icon!