Nantou/Taichung Expat Life

Where are the expat hangout spots in Nantou/Taichung? I also will be living in Nantou and it would be nice to discover people to hang out with. Hobbies include hiking, reading fiction and history, travel, video games, tai chi and guzzling noodles. Open to meeting a wide variety of friendly folk. Thanks in advance.

Most of them you can do on your own, so that’s good.


Not so easy for people to reply.

Nantou and Taichung are totally different areas and lifestyles. And Taichung itself has many different areas. Could be normal to live and hang out in one part of Taichung and never see or visit or meet people from another part.

They are practically too far apart to live in one and hang out in another except maybe on weekends.

Which one? And is it Nantou city or county?

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Some info on Taichung central.

Maybe start with the Uptowner just a block or two south of Sogo Department Store. There’s also Juggler Café in an alley one block west of Sogo.

There are not that many expats that there would be an expat hangout spot in Nantou.
Most people I have met were from Vietnam and Philippines (married to Taiwanese).

Where are you going to work in Nantou?

Taichung is better in that regard, but I don’t know myself. I rarely go there. Most of the times just for Costco.

Thanks for the replies everybody. I’m working at a few local schools in Zhushan, Nantou. If anybody is in the neighborhood feel free to message me.

I like that place enough. I don’t think there are many - if any - westerners there though. You’d think it’s a good place for hiking, but you’ll want a vehicle to get anywhere other than Taichung conveniently.

I can’t help you, but I just wanted to chime in and say I’m so jealous! Must be amazing to live in Nantou. As a remote worker, I think about moving there all the time. If I do, I’ll dig this old thread out and let you know!


Okay, Thanks.

It’s a stunning part of the world, on a good day with the sun shining…Weekday with no crowds…Oh yeah.