Anyone know good clubs/pubs for making friends in Taichung?

Heya, all-

I’ve been in and around TW for years but just settling in to do some studying in Taichung. I’m American and looking to meet new folks here, guys to chat with, ladies to date

Anyway, if you got thoughts, much obliged

If you’re real helpful, maybe I’ll buy you a beer



Here are the results from a similar question recently. Some users thought it would be fun to take the thread off track, but it’s a start.

TC18, XCUBE, PJs for long timers, Taihu Brewing Chuoyinshi, Orgasmo, just get out and talk to people. More friendly than Taipei.

Are you looking for people to drink with? No chicks, but you’re welcome to join us.

Wait, Here are other people living in Taichung? I thought every Foreigner lives in Taipei??

Bootleggers is pretty hip AF atm. I met some cool people there once. Otherwise, filled with average waigouren.

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Gong High is a nice place, decent mix of foreign and local.

Uptowner is kind of foreigner central.

雙城美式餐廳 (Uptowner)