Nappy/Diaper Rash on My Dog!


This is a ‘Pets and Animals’ question, but one that’s more likely to get a good response here.

I am caring for a dog who is crippled from the waist down, which means he has now become incontinent and needs to wear a nappy/diaper. It’s working a treat, except he is getting nasty red marks at the fron of his hips, at the crease where his legs meet his tummy. It looks like the nappy is rubbing him there.

I’ve tried vaseline for the last couple of days, but it doesn’t seem to be working. Any suggestions as to my next move?



Do you wash him before you put the diaper on? Cause everything has to be really really dry before you put the diaper on.

I don’t know much about dogs though.

Aha! That might be it. I’ll make sure he’s dry to be sure.

Should I still use vaseline? To stop the elastic rubbing him? (He has spasms in his legs).

Thanks, Notsu!

Vaseline is ok, I think.
I don’t know how the diaper fits on your dog. But if the skin is moist when you take the diaper off, then you might consider using baby powder instead of vaseline. If the pee is not absorbed quickly enough, it irritates the skin, so it’s important to keep the skin dry.

I guess dogs don’t have problems with allergies, or do they? Babies are often allergic to one brand of diapers while the other brands are ok.

And, of course, let him be without a diaper as much as possible.

Good luck! :rainbow:

Thanks again, Notsu.

OK, I’ll dry him thouroughly and use baby poweder to help keep him dry. It doesn’t look like an allergy; more a friction kind of thing, but after what you’ve told me, I can see it’s because he may not have been dry enough.

I’ll also try different diapers next time.

He’s a great dog, but the peeing is non-stop, and if he pees on himself, he cries - such a baby! Before I got the diapers on him, I was bathing him and washing his bedding three times a day, with bathtimes usually during the night. :unamused: I think he does it for attention.

OK, I’ll try the new regimen and report back to you later.

Thanks again, Notsu.


No advice. You are an amazing man, Sean. :notworthy:

I do beat him each time he does it. :wink:

Hey Sean,

Have you tried cloth diapers? The elastic might not rub him as its covered in fleece or what about pull ups? I have some of each if you want to try it.

[quote=“piwackit”]Hey Sean,

Have you tried cloth diapers? The elastic might not rub him as its covered in fleece or what about pull ups? I have some of each if you want to try it.[/quote]

Fuzzi Bunz on a doggy–I wonder if that’s a first for them. :laughing: For future reference, asiababy maybe selling cloth doggy dipes soon.

If the dog pees non-stop, then the cloth diapers would not be a very good idea, cause they would need to be changed in every 5 minutes :s

Pull-ups might be a good idea though. But they don’t come in all sizes and they cost more than the regular ones.

This might interest you: I think they are washables. Any chance somewhere over here will sell them ?

Thanks, all. :notworthy:

I think the ones he’s wearing now are pull-ups (no sticky bits; just like a pair of undies, all ready to go).

Pet diapers would be great, and I know the pet shop on Keelung sells them, but they’re much more expensive and I suspect will cause the same problem; still, I’ll go get some tonight and try them out.

BTW, for those mums out there that are tired of the stink and mess of baby poop, do what I do and only feed raw, meaty bones for simple, dry, mess-free cleanup! It’s great! :slight_smile:

My sister’s cat had its nerve that controls bowel movements severed when it was hit by a car, so I can certainly relate to your dilemma! My sister’s cat could still move around,so we really had to watch where we sat…

You said the dog is crippled - can it move around? If not, I have a mattress pad you could use under the dog, it’s absorbent with a waterproof underlayer, and very comfortable, a relative here that got hit with Japanese encephalitis is using one on his wheelchair as he was also getting rash from his adult disposable diapers and is spending lots of time out of them now. The pad is about 90cmx65cm. If you want cloth diapers, and are willing to wash, I have some that my son has grown out of, they last around 3-4 hours on a human kid, not sure about a dog? You add inner material to them to get the absorbency you require. Anyway, PM/email me if you’d like to try them, and tell me what size the pullups are if you want to try the diapers.

the pad sounds perfect! i would love to try that. He cannot move around any more, so it would be ideal.

I’ll see how that goes before I give the cloth diapers a try. Thanks Piwackit and Asiababy for both offers.

I’m PMing you now, AB.

Thanks again everyone; very helpful. Makes me feel like having a couple of babies just so I can post here more often! :wink: