National Center for Tradicianal Art

Introduce you a new place to go, the “National Center for Tradicianal Art” in I-lan. It just new opened last weekend(10/04). There are lots of art acitivities and performence in the center during the new open week(10/4~10/12). In the center there are boothes that display various tradicianal art, and some of them will teach you skills or speciality .

The open hours is from 9:00 am~9:00pm. They are holding acitivites for celebrating new opening till tomorrow There will be free bus to take you to the center at the Lo-tung train station.

Here is the center’s URL, however, it’s pity that the English version is still under construction…

You can take a look of the picture from here: … 2&menuid=3
or here … 2&menuid=4

You are welcome to PM me if you would like to know more.

  • I am not working for them, just coz I love this place and wish you all will like it too!