National health protection-absolutely required when working?

Alright thx guys for your comments, I’l keep you posted

Do you know if the labor insurance and pension also compulsary when working in Taiwan?

I’ve been asked to pay 1,650NT$ / month
I thought that it was for the 4 months of employment but I just checked and this is per month.

“it is required to enroll you into the Labor and National Health Insurance, the company will pay for about 70% of insurance for you, but you will need to pay NTD1,650 per month for the National Health insurance as Taiwan regular employees do now”

I got to check this with my HR[/quote]

NHI is based on your income. So for those who know we can work out what salary rannge you are in lol.

It’s not a flat fee.

Normally it works like this in countries with compulsory health insurance … national health insurance picks up the tap for things that are included in the health insurance package and the private health insurance covers the rest …

It’s cumpulsory. Stop complaining. It’s less than 50 U.S. per month which includes your other labor and insurance deductions. It’s a group deal. I benefit as well as every other forumosan. We appereciate your assistance. Now, pay up.

Yep, and actually, once you realize those 1600 nts won’t get you far one night out in town, well, it won’t seem that much.