National public holidays 2018

No, in the States and Canada Labour Day is the beginning of September.
May 1 is traditionally International Workers’ Day.
North America changed it to September during the Cold War, to disassociate themselves from the Communists.
Other countries have other dates

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And kids still have school

The 1 day of the year I wish I still worked at a buxiban :persevere:

Yeah we fuckers are F***** up, so we have to f****** work. Why? Any plans in May?

Most flights are sold out anyways. You better have reservations to Okinawa or you will have to swim/take the slow boat. Anyways, with the Japanese Golden Week somewhere in there, it might even get crowded.

In comepletely unrelated news, great sales on cruise ships going that way.

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Kids at school. Parents off. :banana:

Yeah, that’s my bad. My calendar has both US and TW holidays on it. I just assumed it was the US one since I have to fucking work. Been here too long, forgot the US labor day is Sept. 1.

Don’t forget your measles vaccination.

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Yeah, I get the stinkeye from my youngest every year as I sit there in my underwear watching her leave for school :rofl:

Correction, we’re off that day too! :banana:

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Clarification: 90+% of the private sector. If in doubt, ask the MOL or local equivalent whether or not your job is subject to the Labor Standards Act.

Here’s how it works at my lovely organization (a public university): support staff in the department have the day off, so the department office is closed. However we have classes, so the classroom buildings are open with students and professors. However teaching assistants are considered “labourers” so they have the day off. However instructors and professors are not, so they have to work.

What a joke.


If you pay labour insurance are you considered labourers lol

Except when you do, and when you are not.


Yeah, that’s how my boss defined it. If you pay laobao, or nongbao, or yubao…

Oh, our post office is closed. How about the banks?

Closed too. I just went to my.

Why can’t the whole country just get the damn day off

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I heard it would be “affecting the economy too much”

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Tax office is open.

We gummit workers are working.