National public holidays 2018

Extended public holidays for 2018:

Founding Day of the Republic of China for 2018 (3 Days): Dec. 30 - Jan. 1

Lunar New Year (6 days): Feb. 15 - Feb. 20

Children’s Day and Tombsweeping Festival (5 days): April 4 - April 8

Dragon Boat Festival (3 days): June 16 - June 18

Mid-Autumn Festival (4 days): Sept. 22 to Sept. 24

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What are the days marked in blue?

wish CNY would be monday to friday so we have 2 weekends off.

The blue seems to be an an error go to original site for accurate calendar .

I count 12 days national holidays with up to two make up days on this calendar, as usual it’s hard to know what’s going on exactly.

Someone seems to have made vacation plans on that calender, joining days gives you many days off.

I would take 10 days off, and have 3 whole weeks off. Just what I need to visit the ol country.

Or potential blackout dates on local airlines.

Anyone else got May 1st off?

say what

Anyone else not working on May 1st?


Doesn’t everyone get it off?

(Except students)

Hey daddy, what is the holiday for May 1st?

Pretty sure we’re working here. Just another Tuesday.

In the States, it’s Labor Day.

Apparently its private sector only, so the usual fucked up Taiwan chaos where no one knows who’s working and who isn’t. It’s not listed as a holiday on any government websites cos those fuckers have to work right @Icon?

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Do you work in the public sector?

i get May 1 off…

No, so I’m off.

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This is horseshit. Why only the private sector…

OIT (only in Taiwan).

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I’m off May 1st (buxiban drone), and since my normal days off are Sunday and Monday it’s a three-day weekend for me :happyrunningaround:

Okinawa, here I come!

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How much is your ticket and hotel?