National public holidays 2019

Plan ahead. 9 days for Lunar New year.

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Alert: 2019 GDP growth will be negative because of too few work hours. Industry leaders call for lowering the minimum wage.


2019? how about 2018, there aren’t any national holidays ahead?

nope, and back to 6-day work-weeks. didn’t you get the email from the gov’t?

Mid-Autumn and Double 10

This thread’s about NEXT year.

Yeah, that’s why I said what about this one… I was afraid we might had run out of national holidays already.

You have a valid point…what kind of ridiculous country has only 2 days holiday in a whole half year…bullshit to the nth degree.

Edit: actually Kiwiland is even worse, just one!

eh what is the working week hours lenght in Kiwiland?

12 hours?