National Sun Yat-sen University International Business Bachelor Program?

National Sun Yat-sen University offer new program called International Business Bachelor Program (IBBA) which is 100% English taught

any opinion on how it might peform and is it worth it to study there?

thats a big question, the answer to which is probably “not worth it”.
Where are you from? do you have better options for studying at home? do you plan staying and building your life in TW?
if SYS university is better than what you can get at home, go for it, if not, or if you dont plan to stay here for years and years, no point.
English taught programs in Taiwan are not so good, the majority of professors and students aren’t native English speakers, so the level of communication and ideas expressed in class will not be high, SYS University is not famous for its business program, and you will get a degree that carries little weight elsewhere (also in TW). In addition, since this a new program, any mistakes they make will be at your expense, they will basically try it on you first :slight_smile:
if you want to study business in Taiwan, better to go to a more established school with a program that is running for a few years.

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I studied in this university for a year (for learning Chinese)
Beautiful scenery , great campus and there are many activities, clubs like the dragon boat team

I don’t know if the International Business Bachelor Program is good , however the MBA program is usually on the Top 100 rankings (source:

Malaysia, nope most of them pretty hard and expensive to get in, maybe staying in Taiwan if the political situation does not get worse

then it might be a good opportunity for you.
Taiwan doesn’t have a lot of name recognition when it comes to business schools, think about your situation 5 years down the line, when you are applying for jobs and none of your potential employers have ever heard of SYS university. if you plan on staying here, its good, if you plan on going back to MY and have a guaranteed job (family business etc.) it can be ok.
if you plan on going back to MY eventually not sure how valuable this degree will be…

looks legit, i’ll think about this

  1. As for that particular university, I know a complete idiot who was allowed into their PHD program. That doesn’t speak highly of their selection process
  2. AACSB accreditation is the gold standard for business schools. This is an absolute necessity if you want your degree to mean anything and any other country. As far as I can see at least that school is in the process of achieving accreditation. Please see the following link:
  3. To be honest, if you have the correct background and ability, there are far better universities in Taiwan for getting a business degree. In fact there are many many better universities compared to this one you suggest. They will quite practically, because of the number of international students will increase their ranking in the THE international rankings, accept almost anybody. As long as you got a pulse. I like to say if you’ve got a degree (°C) you can get a degree (diploma).

yeah i know but their tuition and scholarship are not money friendly :smiling_face_with_tear: :smiling_face_with_tear: :smiling_face_with_tear:

Yeah the audacity to label themself non profit but still charge students high tuition fees despite getting goverment funds and donations