National without household registration staying period in Taiwan

For National without household registration when entering and stay in Taiwan my questions are;
1)what is the meaning of 5 consecutive years and 183 days or more to stay?and if understand correctly in 1 year there are 12 months Does it means or it is possible in 6 months from january to june i will go and live in Taiwan to get 183 days then another 6 months from july to december i will live outside Taiwan and Do it the same every year until i reach 5 years for residency?
2)what about if someone overstayed there entry permit more than 5 years so Does it means they can apply for residency or ban or be deported?

It means “5 consecutive years of 183 days or more in Taiwan.” I think that’s pretty clear. Stay 183 days or more for 5 years and then you can get HHR.

It means that you can CHOOSE to live outside or inside Taiwan for the other 6 months. BUT remember… they count DAYS not months.

If you have another nationality, you can be subject to deportation if you overstay. Plus a hefty fine… Also you might not get permission to settle… BUT why would you overstay? Just renew. Only 1,000NTD for 3 years aint bad and 1/3 the cost of an ARC


Why would you do that? Just go to the NIA office and renew your TARC before it expires.


What i mean is those didnt hold any tarc only the passport

You may only remain in Taiwan for up to 90 days per visit on a NWOHR passport, and you will be considered a tourist.

NWOHR must obtain a TARC to reside in Taiwan. The 183 days of residency begin counting on the first day that you obtain your TARC, so none of the days would count if you overstayed your 90-day entry permit for 5 years.

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