Nationwide: English-speaking computer repair

Original Title: English speaking computer repair

I have a desktop and I need to get in contact with a shop that can understand English. How I can find one in Taipei?

Or you could also try solving your problem in the Tech forum.

Give Nam a call at nation wide: 0926 763664

[quote=“FearsomeOrange”]Give Nam a call at nation wide: 0926 763664[/quote]
Yes! Nam’s definitely the guy you want to talk to!

I got a PC from NAM and had a lot of trouble with it. Someone else had to totally redo it for me. Also, NAM was really slow to build the PC etc. It was a Chinese based PC for someone else. Got a nasty virus too after I used AVG on his strong reccommendation. Now I only use NOD32 for antivirus. I would never use NAM Nationwide again.

By the way, be very very careful about PC repairs, the ppl repairing almost always try to sell you new hardware saying for example that your motherboard is broken. They will even sell you used motherboards to help you save money. Just tell them you only want them to reformat and reinstall the OS and not replace any hardware, unless you know something broke or you trust the guy.

Mosquitonet… it can be hard finding a good pc repair shop willing to work with “wai guo ren” stuff especially if your chinese isn’t quite up to par and your system is really old… it might not be worth the time for them to hassle over unfortunately…

You probably already know this, but I’ll say it anyways – don’t forget to backup all your important data prior to fixing things. If it’s not already too late, you might want to do this now since your system is already acting up. I might be able to help ya given that I have the time this week (PM me). In the meantime, you mind posting your system specs along with the current software you need / use?

Not sure if I remember selling you a machine Hobart. Could you refresh my memory a bit?

Also, my machines are all warrantied. You could have brought it back for service.
I could have simply reloaded it for your friend and to their satisfaction.

If your friend really did buy a system that was troublesom, and is still under warranty, wouldn’t it be common sense to return it to the vendor for repair?

Also, as far as the software goes, I’ve never guarentied any of the suggestions I’ve ever made. Only a fool would. I only refer to them by personal preference and that of collegues and other industry professionals I know.

There is no such thing as 100% protection of any kind, save not connecting your computer to any network or other computer, not installing any software other than OS or other proprietary kind.
Ask the friendly people at Sun, Microsoft Apple, or even the developers of your most recently found NOD32.

This I would agree with completely and should mention that we at NationWide only use equipment straight out of it’s packaging for new systems, or hardware replacement or upgrade.
Nothing less.

We also have used systems that are available and are sold as such without misleading clientelle.

Once again, if possible, could you remind me of which computer it was that your friend purchased or even a name of the individual?



As for the slow part, I’ve only had slow turn around time over one short period throughout my several years of service to the community.
This last December we had a kitchen fire in which I suffered a 3rd degree burn on my arm two times the size of the surface of my hand. It’s only recently begun to heal properly due to the fact that local doctors and medical professionals tore synthetic skin patches off the wound three times, only to check it’s healing progress. This of course tore off much of the skin that had regenerated between, “treatments.” I was pretty much out of commision for that month and moved along pretty slowly through January and the first few weeks of February.

Sorry Hobart, but I couldn’t help it. I still have more to add…

Our machines are all warrantied for one full year in terms of hardware.
I usually extend that to the software end of things as well, save if you use P2P or surf unsafe websites far too regularly.

All of my customers are told more than several times during purchase, that we will deal with any issues that may come up within that time. This means that we will come to your home or office to pick up the product, bring it back and set it up again to your satisfaction after repair.


This is how we’ve managed to maintain and build the reputaion that we have for quality of service and value.

Yet by the sound of things, you or your friend opted for the people that tried to sell you a new mainboard when you didn’t need one?

A friend of mine just bought a system from Nam for his daughter. He likes it so much he’s trying to convince her to trade computers with him. :wink:

Good price, too.

OUCH!! Gives me the chills just thinking about it…

Noooo… really? :stuck_out_tongue:

Nuff said… you can’t make 'em all happy. You sound like a man of your words… Hope ya heal up soon.

Nam, you took so long to deal with my case at all and after you did it, it was a totally unstable PC from the beginning. I wasn’t about to give it to you fix again, who knows how long it would have taken. I contacted you not through this forum but through your phone number so you won’t remember me through forumosa.

I was so appalled with your work that I had to post here for others to see. Not everyone has had good experiences with NAM and the PC was not purchased through you during your burn period. Sorry hear that, sounds peretty awful. As I remember you had many many reasons at that time too why you took so long to make the PC. I think you even forgot too or something. Wouldn’t have been so bad if the product actually worked properly after we started using it though.

Sorry Hobart,
still have no idea of why you wouldn’t send it back as you’d already paid for it, but that’s your choice to make I guess.

Not much else to say…

I’ve had to have my computer fixed 2x and both times I used Nam. Excellent service. Nam also gave free service and home delievery when I needed it. I would highly recommend him for anyone who is in a pinch. :bravo: :bravo:

[quote=“Nam”]Sorry Hobart,
still have no idea of why you wouldn’t send it back as you’d already paid for it, but that’s your choice to make I guess.

Not much else to say…[/quote]
I couldn’t wait for you to fix it. Took so long to build it, afraid it would take a long time to fix it. I couldn’t have any down time with that PC. Likewise, if you couldn’t get it right the first time, I think you couldn’t get it right the second time either.

Just putting my two cents in –

Nam helped me with my laptop back in november, worked with it for a couple hours and added software…all for free. I think his service was excellent and highly recommend him.

You should contact Nam at NationWide ( He’s professional, fast, and very reasonable. He’s also a Forumosan!

If your up to maintaining your computer yourself, just go to a local shop, pick out the parts and the will build it for you for free (great deal!). Basically its like electronic legos with screws. Minus installing the OS. If you got a hardware problem, then you just take it (the problematic piece) to the manufacturer. It’s time consuming, plus the usually don’t speak English.

If you feel you need support, Nam’s business is a good deal, especially compared to local shops in North America. Good luck with the major ones. The service they provide is worth it if your computer usage is critical, you don’t have the knowledge to fix it, or you just don’t have time to deal with it.

Plus he’s a good guy!

I’ve been having my problems with my computer and from what I’ve read on here, Nam seems to be the man to contact. Would someone please be kind enough to give me some details about how to get in touch with him ? Thanks

Let me guess…you have Adblock Plus.