Natural, black hair or treated?

Perhaps for the same reason I grow a goatee (boredom), many women in Taipei treat their hair; perm it, dye it, bleach it, raz it. And so too as my goatee surely turns off some (maybe all :shock: ) women, I’m less attracted to women who have colored or curled their black, silky, straight hair.

For those of you guys who are drawn to Asian women, is their black, straight hair part of the allure? I’ve always liked dark hair. Maybe it’s a contrast issue, but that’s not to say that I’m keen on bleach-white skin :unamused: .

In the west, we chant “Celebrate your individuality!” I say, “Celebrate your sameness!” Keep that beautiful hair!

I don’t mind when women here dye their hair a reddish tint, so long as its tastefully done, but blonde hair on a Taiwanese woman just doesn’t work.

Forgot about the hair, what about those eyes? Those blue contact lenses are so obviously fake (naturally blue eyes aren’t that blocksolid blue) and they just don’t look right on a Chinese girl’s face at all.

Natural is better when it comes to your body, that’s my philosophy.

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But, yes, I agree the blue contacts along with the blonde hair dye should not be sold to Taiwanese women.

Hell no, ever since the first cyborgs appeared in fiction I’ve been in love with the idea of modified bodies…I would kill for some retractable claws or a computer attached to my body like in Neuromancer or Snow Crash.

As it is we have to settle for removing blubber or varicose veins, adding a bit of color to the eyes, hair and nails. But for all our sakes, especially if you’re in Taiwan, pay a bit more to have it done, or at least go to Hsimen and have somebody Japanese do it. :smiley:

it’s not just taiwanese, it’s asians in general. even asians who live in other countries. so many asians get bored with their hair color that they feel they have to color it. hang out in a large mall in southern california and count how many asian girls actually have straight black hair.

while highlighted and colored hair looks ok sometimes, i don’t think i’ve ever seen a girl with colored hair and thought “wow, her hair is beautiful.” meanwhile, i can count MANY girls with natural straight black hair who i’ve thought had incredible hair. it always pains me to see friends with hair that could be featured in shampoo commercials butcher it to try something different. :frowning:

i’m taiwanese, but my hair has a natural reddish tint. might be from growing up in the california sun, not sure. i’ve thought about dying it pure black just because i’m so tired of asians with colored hair.

Come on, I understand long straight hair has long been men’s favorite, but wouldn’t it just boring or dull if all Asian girls wear long straight hair, pure black? Why don’t you guys try to change your taste from time to time? :laughing: But I agree that blond hair just doesn’t go well with Asian faces!

What Flipper said about his hair color reminds me of my own discovery. I always thought I had pure black hair because I haven’t had it highlighted for years. Then a few weeks ago when I shopped for a brow pencil in a store, I asked for a dark or gray one. But the clerk told me that my hair is not pure black, so she suggests I should buy a dark brown pencil to go with my hair color. So I looked into the mirror checking it out, wow, that’s true! This is the first time I ever found my hair color falls between black and dark brown, not pure, dark black. The only reason I can think of is the electric hair treatment cap I stared to use at home about a year ago. Actually what has really worried me is like “heck, is that thing going to change my brain wave or whatsoever little by little?”, but I never thought of the possibility that it may change my hair color. It’s just a guess, but I do like my hair color now. By the way, if anyone hears of anything bad about impact caused by the kind of treatment cap, please let me know. I’m still worried.

I like red or brown highlights and a little curl on a woman, but I also think silky, black, long hair is sexy. Depends on the woman, really.

Give me black hair or give me none at all.

Black usually looks great, so there’s no need for any colouring. But sometimes a change of colour also looks good, if judiciously chosen and well administered, and even a radical blonde rinse suits some girls pretty well.

However, straight hair appeals to me much more than anything wavy, and I’ve never seen a Chinese girl who looks good with a tight perm – that should be restricted to obasans only. Indeed, I’ve sadly witnessed some lovely girls transforming themselves into ugly hags by having their hair permed.

Also, I’d always advise anyone I care about against getting their hair dyed or permed simply on the grounds of the damage it’ll do to the hair and the possible carcinogenic effect of the chemicals used. Natural not only tends to be more more beautiful, but also is definitely much more benign.

Damn, when I read this I thought the argument would be about black hair like mine. So much for finding a stylist in Taiwan that doesn’t faint when I walk in the door. :frowning: