Naturalization: Nationality Acquisition Overview Table?

After you have naturalized and got the naturalization certificate, next step is applying for NWOHR passport/TARC. I was looking over this and this PDF, which lists the application requirements for the TARC, and they list them as 歸化國籍許可證書、取得國籍一覽表. I know “歸化國籍許可證書” is the naturalization certificate you get when your naturalization is approved, but what is the 「取得國籍一覽表」 “Nationality Acquisition Overview Table”?

Is it a document that is supposed to come with the naturalization cert which has more detail?

Yeah, it’s a printed piece of paper which will be attached with your Naturalization Certificate. It contains your personal details (Name in Chinese & English, Gender, DOB, Passport No., Address etc. It’s just a summary/overview of the applicant. Looks something like this :point_down: