Naturist / Nudist Clubs?

I’m moving to Taipei in the near future and my partner and I are wondering whether there are any friendly, nonsexual naturist / nudist clubs, beaches, events in the area. Any information greatly appreciated.

Everyone goes naked in taiwan, it’s still a pacific island tribe … :laughing:

Serious now … I heared about something nudist but can’t recall at the moment … but I live in a rooftop apartment … so the roof is mine to scale … naked … :slight_smile:

Hi 00Scott,

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I also did a search and did not come up with any matches for nudist colony etc. Hope you find something. I’m doubtful though, the Chinese are very conservative about taking clothes off in public. Going to the toilet in public is a whole different thing, no problem at all.

Hi OOScott

Sorry to disappoint you but there are no such things as official naturist resorts or beaches in Taiwan, for the simple reason that public nudity is completely banned.
What you have are small, private groups of Taiwanese - who often first learned about naturism on overseas trips - who venture out on hikes into remote mountain areas on weekends, hoping not to get caught by people in uniform.
The groups keep contact through the internet, but as a foreigner, I guess it would be even more difficult to get in touch with them and win their trust.

One of those groups advertised on forumosa awhile back. Try another search.

OK scrtach that the ad seems to be gone but it WAS here I swear,

They had a website, with english if i remember, and pictures.
I posted it on here before.

I found it.
Click here.
:nsfw: :no-no:
They call themselves NANWAN.
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Many thanks. :slight_smile: