NBA on TV in Taiwan

There is a local channel which televises some live NBA games every week. How can I find out what sporting events are on TV in Taiwan other than whats listed at the english newspaper websites?? In other words, what games are on and when?

Try espnstar.comfor the schedules for ESPN and Star Sports on cable.

In addition to Star Sports and ESPN which show one game a week each (I think), VideoLand (VL) Sports shows 1 or 2 games a week. They have a web site where you can check their weekly schedule (assuming you can navigate a Chinese-language site):

and I suppose you can check newspaper listings as well. One of the 3 terrestrial networks (can’t remember which) shows a game a week on weekend mornings (can’t remember whether Sat or Sun), and there is another cable station that shows a game a week. Unfortunately, I can’t remember which one (sorry about all the memory lapses), but please do let me know if you find out. Failing that, I will definitely check when I get back to Taiwan (I am a big hoops fan).

I believe all broadcast games, except for the one of the terrestrial network, are replayed at night.