Near-sightedness in children


My 8 year old son is starting to become near-sighted (20/40). The eye doctor at Taiwan Adventist gave him some eye drops at night to help his eyes relax. However, I’m wondering if anyone knows of an eye doctor (Chinese or English) that helps children work on their vision with eye exercises, etc.

I know I could post this on health/fitness, but I really want someone who has experience with kids (and won’t , for example, push lasik).


one possibility is orthokeratology. my daughter is doing it with good results. if you are interested pm me, i fully recommend her doctor.

my daughter is also nearsighted. From what i understand its best for the eyes to just relax–no exercises or therapy.

There is also this bit of interesting information from

[quote][b]Is there a way to prevent a child from becoming nearsighted?

We believe that the answer is YES. If children use reading glasses for reading and other close work as soon as the first signs of nearsightedness appear, nearsightedness (which is also called “myopia”) can be prevented. There is no need to sacrifice a child

air-permeable hard contact lenses worn at night that temporarily mold the cornea’s shape.

Thanks for the answers. I appreciate it. The website is interesting, and I will think about the contact lenses at night as well.