Need a 60 day visa from Tokyo office -fake ticket voucher

I will be coming to Taiwan shortly, and I would like to stay for about 4 months.
My ticket is a return ticket but it is only for one week. I am not planning on using the return part of the ticket back to Japan.

The travel agent here, in japan, gave me a fake ticket voucher with a return date 60 days from after my arrival date. I am hoping that the Taiwan visa office in Tokyo will provide me with a 60 day visa, as my fake ticket says I will be in Taiwan for 60 days.
My only worry is that they will not accept a ticket voucher and they will want a real ticket. The thing is, often travel agents here issue vouchers for actual tickets, and the customer changes it for a real ticket at the airport, so I am hoping they will accept it… What do you think??

Any adivice on the best thing to tell the visa office? Should I say I am going to work or study chinese? I probably will work a bit, but I am just looking for the best way to get a 60 day visa.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


I would say, “visiting”. Say that you plan to stay between 60 days and 4 months. You can extend your visa once you are here by “studying Chinese” as long as you don’t have one of those “non-extendable” stamps.

thanks for the tip.
Anyone know about getting a visa with a voucher and not an actual ticket??

According to my travel agent even a faxed copy of a voucher should do… But then again… We’re in Taiwan… Nothing is certain…