Need a new passport, what do I do?

My passport has gotten old and moldy and last time I came into the country they told me to get a new one, but I forgot. I’m going home in about 3 weeks, is that enough time to get a new one? I have an ARC and a resident visa, how do I get those onto my new passport?

Also, if I get a new one in the US, can I come back on my old one? Or would I have to get a new visa from the Taiwan trade office?

Do you live in a US city with a passport office, like San Francisco or Washington DC? You can go there and get a new passport in a week, but check with them to make sure. They will return the old one.

When you come to Taiwan next time, bring BOTH passports; the valid new one, and the cancelled old one with the still-valid re-entry permit.

Last time I renewed my US passport it took only a week with expedited service (extra charge) and express mail (extra charge). However, now all passport applications must go through the National Passport Center, so even if you go to a local passport office it still must be processed through the main office. In addition, due to new regulations requiring passports when traveling to Canada, Mexico and Carribean, there is a huge backlog of passport applications with regular processing taking up to three months currently. It’s very likely given the current situation that you will not be able to get your passport renewed in time. If your passport is still legible and not expired then chances are you will just be told again that you should get it renewed when re-entering.

As for your other questions, valid visas and re-entry permits are still recognized even if they are in a canceled passport. Just present your new passport and the old one containing your visa or re-entry permit and you’ll be fine. Once you have your new passport you can go to the National Immigration Office to get a new re-entry permit placed in the new passport at which point you will only need your new passport. This is a free service and you only need to bring your new and old passports and your ARC.

You will not need to transfer your resident visa. The resident visa is used once to enter and apply for an ARC. Once you have been issued an ARC and re-entry permit, your resident visa is no longer valid and you only need the ARC and re-entry permit to enter the country.

You MUST keep the old one. Taiwan will not give you in unless you have it.
You can get your passport quickly most places, if you pay them more :slight_smile:

I’ve never ever had to show an expired passport to get through immigration here, although I always had it with me just in case.

The key thing is to have the old entry card. If you do, then no prob.

You only need your old passport if you haven’t had a new re-entry permit put in your new passport. Once you’ve done so, you won’t need your old passport anymore.

As for your other questions, valid visas and re-entry permits are still recognized even if they are in a canceled passport. Just present your new passport and the old one containing your visa or re-entry permit and you’ll be fine.[/quote]

You’re absolutely sure of that? Because if that is true that’s what I’ll do. Do you know where I can look or call to confirm that? Thanks a lot,

Been there, done that.

thats what I was told too, and what I will be doing when I come back in August.

Been there, done that.[/quote]
Same here. When I got my ARC extended at a later time I also got a new sticker in the new passport, so from that point on you can leave the old passport at home.

Been there, done that.[/quote]

How long ago? Rules change.

For me it was a few years ago, but that has been the standard advice here and others have been able to do it more recently. In any case, it’s easy to get a new re-entry permit once you have the new passport, so if you apply for the new passport in Taiwan then you’ll never have to do the ‘two passports’ routine.

Don’t expect a one week expedited delivery time in the U.S. Now with the Mexico and Canada crossing changes (passport required) you can expect a wait of about 30 days - maybe longer. Many folks who never needed a passport are presently applying and there is a backlog. My son paid for the expedited delivery and waited 28 days.
As for the old passport, Carry it with you for the re-entry permit. After you renew the permit, just chuck in the drawer for use if you ever have to proove continuous residency or original entry date. (i.e. tax time)

My sister got a new passport a few weeks ago. It only took her a week to get it. Then again, she lives in San Francisco and went to the passport office there, so it’s not like she had to apply at the post office like most folks.