Need EpiPen in Taiwan

Because of a potentially fatal allergy to fish, I carry an EpiPen when I travel to remote areas. Unfortunately it has expired.

I visited the “DEY” website and found that there is no distributor in Taiwan. I know that I can take prescription medications into Taiwan but, what about having it sent to me.

Can I legally have the Epipen shipped to me in the mail from my family? Ofcourse, it will have my name on prescription label.

Thanks for your help

I guess this is not the same as EpiLady

:stuck_out_tongue: ha ha… Chinese women don’t need the Epilady! The EpiPen is a self contained auto injector that holds a life saving dose of epinephrine. It is not meant to replace seeing the doctor but to buy you time.

All you need to do is pop the safety cap, put it in the designated area on your thigh and press. Thousands of school children with serious allergies carry them.

Thank goodness, there are enough doctors in Taiwan that I’ve always made it to the hospital before serious complications set in. So, I never had to use it.

Any help with importing prescription drugs via the mail or through a friend would be helpful

I am glad you took it as a joke - there is a heap of internet drug suppliers - I have not used them - I get about 4 emails a day from various ones.