Need help for buying second hand CPI 250

Hi guys,

i’m living in Taipei and i’ve found a second hand CPI 250sm which i would like to buy. The problem is that I’m a newbie and i will be not sure if i buy a piece of junk or a good second hand bike. It would be awesome if some kind hearted bikers in Taipei would come with me to have a look at the bike. A nice meal at my place is offered to the kind hearted guy; I’m italian and i cook good pasta haha!

Thanks in advance

Hey Filippo,
I’m just a couple weeks into life in Taipei myself, have been looking for a bike and would be willing to go check out the CPI250 with you. Where and when would you want to meet? Where’s the bike located? I have a little experience with bikes; been riding, racing and wrenching on them for 35yrs.

HI Braap, thanks a lot! I Sent you an email withthe details, did you receive it?


PM sent

I’ll be in the market myself after CNY and need help deciding between a new one with warranty or buying used and using the money saved to upgrade parts. Is CPI picky about what aftermarket parts void the warranty? If I bought used the first things I’d look at would be breaks and suspension and if any money was left over a purty sounding pipe. Any thoughts on 2nd hand w/performance vs new w/warranty? OP did you get set up and where did you go to look at new ones if you don’t mind my asking?

Eventually i’ve found several shops in Yanping Road, not far from Yuanshan station. The guy who owned it before already upgraded the brakes and maybe i will upgrade the front fork 'cause is a little too soft. I didn’t mind to buy a new one because this is my first bike and i didn’t want to spend a lot of money: i just have to learn riding, feel confident with the bike and enjoy the ride; I’m not looking for performance. I have no idea what can void the warranty

cool. Did you buy it new or was it used?