Need help getting added to Hu-Kou (household registration) for ID card

I am in a bit of a jam and wondering if someone on here can help me out (or knows someone who can). Or has any advice/insight.

In short, I need to be added to someone’s Hu-Kou/HHR (from what I understand) in order to get my ID card - in order to renew my Taiwan passport (Expires 1/2021).

Backstory: I was born here, moved to the US at age 3 w/ family. I was able to get a new TW passport w/ overseas Chinese status at a TECO office in Seattle (without a TW ID card - but the new passport has my ID number - this was 10 years ago). I have not lived in TW nor any members of my family for any extended duration since then.

Current story: I arrived in TW over a month ago - no issues (apparently you can land with a TW passport up to six months expired during this Covid crisis). I hotel quarantined, came out, staying at an Airbnb currently, everything is fine. However, upon trying to renew my TW passport, I was told a TW ID card is an absolute requirement (which is bizarre since I have an active passport that I was able to obtain without an ID card). So, at the household registry office trying to apply for my ID card, I was told I cannot use my original Hu-Kou as it is too old and I have no connections to it anymore (it’s also in Xindian - I have the original book from like the 80s). They literally told me to just borrow someones and use that address. I asked the few friends I have here and most have been reluctant to ask their parents for this and/or do not own property… so I am looking for anyone who might be able to help.

Anyhow… trying my luck here. Thanks for looking!

Not sure if this would work, but, some landlords will allow you to ‘rent’ a hukou on their property. People do this to register their kids into better school districts.

no extended family?

none that I really know :confused:

oh interesting, where would I even find something like that??

Have never done it, so not sure but my first guess would be to ask some real estate agents about it. If you read Chinese, Google it.