Need help, have I overstayed my welcome?

So, I got kicked from my school in Tainan about 6 months ago due to my academic performance. I have been staying here for the last 6 months with the understanding that I had no problem with the immigration office since my printed ARC said it was valid until the end of August. I have recently learned how stupid I have been and how my ARC is invalid if the reason for stay is no longer standing. I find it strange that I didn’t get a notification from the agency informing me that I had to leave the country.

Is it possible that the school didn’t notify the authorities about my standing in the school? I know this sounds unlikely, but the school didn’t even notify ME of my expulsion. I had to find out 3 weeks after going to classes when I wanted to make a tuition payment.

If this is the case, does it make sense to act as if my ARC was still valid all this time and just go for a Visa run?

If not, what’s a good course of action? Turning myself in to the immigration office and begging for mercy?

Any help is hugely appreciated.

If your school is that screwed up, it’s possible that they didn’t notify the authorities, but it’s also possible they did. You have two choices, try to fly out and take the risk, or go to your local immigration agency office and ask about the status of your ARC. The problem is, if it is not valid, they are going to wonder what you’ve been doing all this time. Whether you’ve been working or not, they will assume you have been. Going to the immigration office might be the best choice. I don’t know if it’s still active (@yyy?) but there was an amnesty program where illegal workers could pay a fine and go home without jail time. I overstayed a visa once in Taiwan and had to pay a small fine, but it was only by a few days. I would not have been able to leave the country without getting a special stamp in my passport. That might have been your situation if you hadn’t continued to stay. If you’re lucky, the immigration office will tell you your ARC is valid and you can leave with no trouble.

Sorry, I have no information on that.

I would also suggest asking the NIA, but get your affairs in order so that you can leave on short notice if necessary.

(Of course, don’t work illegally, because that makes you deportable.)

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If you overstayed an ARC and didn’t work, doesn’t that still make you deportable?

They will have not mercy, just try to do the visa run, and if you ARC was suspended and they stop you, you can tell them the true: you didn’t know until now because nobody inform you; at the worst you will have to pay money and maybe they don’t let you in for a while, but at the best the lazy people working at the school didn’t call.

Bad advice.
What if they can’t come back?


yes but what if OP is clean rigth now (the posibility of school never call) and after OP go NIA to ask the situation and get banned.

In this case, OP will get at least some time to make arrangements for a final departure, which won’t be possible to do if OP can’t come back from the visa run.

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Thanks for the help, everybody.

One thing I hadn’t considered is that a week ago I got a notice from the NIA about my ARC expiring soon and my need to extend it. I think this bodes well for the chances that my ARC has been valid all this time. I’m thinking of just going to the office and asking about options for extension (I’ve heard some people get a temporary extension while they look for work or further study-- but that might only work with a graduation certificate), even if I don’t get a promising response, it seems like an innocuous way of finding out about my status.

What do you think?

Again, thanks for the responses.

that means your ARC was valid at least by that time, and may be still.

The OP cannot go out until pay the fine, if the ARC is expired, me think.

I wouldn’t worry. Very unlikely your school called to have your visa revoked. People are lazy af and especially with governments and schools working together - id bet heavy that nothing happens.

Granted, it is a risk - but personally I wouldn’t sweat it. At the end of the day it’s up to you though - you a gambler? :wink:

Dude you is 100% in the clear. If your school had of cancelled the ARC the NIA would have told you you have 2 weeks to leave the country. Instead they’ve told you your ARC is soon expiring. You’re golden. Rock in there and ask if you can extend it as you want to take up the Chinese zither.

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It’s a good omen, but bureaucracy gets tangled so it might not mean anything. Now that you mention it, I think you’re supposed to receive a notification when your ARC is canceled, but I’m not sure about that.

It doesn’t seem like a problem to just go ask the NIA what the status of your ARC is. I don’t think they would require a reason for telling you.

Correct – Immigration Act Art. 36 Par. 2 Subpar. 1.

I’ll rephrase it: being an illegal foreign worker makes you very deportable – Employment Service Act Art. 68 Par. 3, which if I’m not mistaken triggers Imm. Act Art. 36 Par. 4 Subpar. 3, i.e. you don’t get a 10 day notice period, but I would welcome clarification.

Also, working illegally carries a fine of up to $150,000.

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Guys, for his extension, won’t they ask for his grades/attendance record from the school?

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they will ask for an enrolment for the next semester.

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Legalese doesn’t need to be complicated. They should let you write all the laws.

All of them? Be careful what you wish for, earthling. :wink:

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