Need help Romanizing my address

For God’s sake, don’t complicate things: … ?ID=190103

That’s the one I use, and well it’s the official one so it works.

[quote=“Mr He”]For God’s sake, don’t complicate things: … ?ID=190103

That’s the one I use, and well it’s the official one so it works.[/quote]

You weirdos. For international shipments I always use DHL anyways. :slight_smile:

[quote=“andrewcheng”]Alright, so I’m living in Taiwan, and I want to order something online from, and well, I’m really not quite sure how I translate my address into english.
Any ideas on how to do this? I did read on a site saying that usually they can decipher even the worse of translations :unamused: , but I really need to get this straight. And uhm, if someone could, could i just messege you my address and you messege me back the translation? :lick: It would help a ton.
So yeah, I’d really appreciate it, guys. :pray:


PS: This is my first time on the forums, and I don’t know where i should label this under, so I put it in here.[/quote]

The post office in your area will have the romanization of your address.

I’m thinking about getting a mailbox at the local post office just to get around having to Romanize my addresses altogether, but UPS or Fedex won’t deliver to PO boxes…is there a way to get around that?

That’s stupid, romanizing your address is very easy. click on the link I posted, and input the address in Chinese characters, and hey presto.

It takes 30 seconds.

I’ve had couriers deliver to my workplace. Of course, that depends on just what kind of a workplace you have… there have been times when I had an unfortunate choice between a really hard-to-find back alley apartment that didn’t officially exist, and a dodgy buxiban. I went with the cram school, because at least there was a company name if things went astray, and the package arrived OK.

(Additional advantage of a PO Box: they can remain constant. I had 3-4 different addresses in as many years here, and just having a PO Box mailing address made things much easier for friends and family back home. It depends how stable you’re likely to be.)