Need help to build a web site to launch a web TV

Hi guys.

We are going to launch a new web TV in the next month. I am having serious problems to build the site.
I got the “.com” and I got a host. I also got wordpress as en engine for the web site.

Here is where I am having problems. I am trying to edit text and insert pictures in the lay out to make it like we want but the only way I can do this is by playing in the CSS code.

I don’t know anything about CSS code. :frowning:

If someone has the time and the knowledge to help us we would be grateful.

Here is the state of the page.

CSS does not contain actual text (or, in general, images). Do you mean you want to apply styles to existing text and images? If so, you need to give more details.

I’d say pick up a book or pursue Youtube for a few lessons. From what I know, there’s not much to change on CSS language, once you have your skeleton down, you can go in and paste the link within the CSS content.

But Irishstu, Joesax and especially Miltownkid know this far more than I do. Best of luck.

If you don’t want to deal with the hassle, is always looking for video content. Perhaps you can work out some deal with them to have a channel. PM me for names.

Hi Brendon and thanks for answering.

Here is the problem. I really have no clue.

On my blog ( ) everything automatic. They tell me what to do “insert picture here or there” “write text in this box” ect.
With this site “wordpress” they don’t give me these options.

An other thing. I paid a good amount of money to host this site. I have 500gig (expanding every months) that I planned to use for hosting the video episodes in DVIX. There again I find myself against the wall.

If you are interested in looking into the matter. A can create a temporary administrator account for you to look inside website and the hosting service.

Thank for your time.

This isn’t really my area, but … have you read the Wordpress documentation about this? In particular they have a whole section on layout (here) and also an FAQ on it (here).

If nothing else, reading through them will help you to figure out exactly what you want (and the terminology they use for it).

Thanks for the advice. I will look into it.

Hi guys.

Thanks for your suggestions. I have finally got around the problems.

We have launched the new website “It’s a video TV” this week.

We are currently looking for some people who have events/ interesting subjects/ places to go/ or anything that relates to Taiwan to shoot some new videos.

If you are interested, or have something that you would like us to shoot with you, let us know on our website. We are mobile and there is no places in Taiwan that we can’t go.