Need help with university tuition payment

Why not? All you have to do is goto a bank and do a “foreign exchange“.

Sell USD and buy NTD. My bank (SC) even has an online interface to do it.

Yeah, I know, I’ve done it too. I didn’t say it doesn’t work - I said that I doubt it’s an option for OP because he’d need to convince the university finance office to do that.

It doesn’t depend on me doing something or OP doing something, it depends on the university agreeing to accept a different payment method/procedure/currency than the two they’ve already said they accept.

True that. They’re obviously stupid to not accept wire transfers. Well maybe it’s a lesson learnt before graduating from there.

I think it would be helpful if we do not jump to conclusions. As I wrote above, NTUST takes more international students than any other university in Taiwan. There absolutely must be a way to solve the OP’s problem.


You have a few days, don’t sweat yet.

One thing I’ve found is that I have to contact home bank’s fraud department to also inform them of international transactions. Once you move here, they’ll want to know so they don’t lock your atm cards your first time at Mos Burger

Can even pay tuition for many universities at the local Taiwan convenience stores.

Thanks to all of you, I eventually managed to pay using another credit card. (even though my bank did not have any trace of the initial payment that was supposedly rejected. Go figure…).


Glad to hear it worked out!

Good luck with sorting out the visa and all the rest. If you’re clever enough to figure out all these steps, NTUST should just give you the degree! :grin:


You should also try to speak to the Course Co-ordinator and let them know what has happened. They might be able to intervene and allow you to pay once you arrive without having to pay any penalty.

The OP just reported that they were successfully able to pay the tuition.


Yeah I saw that after I hit reply. Thanks anyway.

They may still have to pay for various things in the future.

They must have mistyped (or miss-copied) your original card details into their card processing system if your bank couldn’t find a trace… or alternatively they must have just had a technical error in processing the payment (connectivity issues, etc.).

Good luck with getting everything else sorted, and enjoy your time and studies in Taiwan!