Need help with winxp and dsl

i think i’m smoking crack. anyway, my original post was all confused.

so i just got dsl on my new laptop with winxp. wondering if there were any tweaks out there to speed up broadband. i used to always run some registry tweaks on my win98 machine. not sure if winxp is already all pre-optimized.

the more i look into my new dsl connection, the more confused i get. when i try to hit sites in the us, it slows to a crawl. like just barely better than a modem. but then i go to giga’s site and it shows me i’m running at some insane speed. i’m really confused. are there any speed test sites in taiwan or asia i can hit to try to figure out how fast my connect is. i just want to know how much of my lag is due to a slow pipe between taiwan and the us and how much is due to a bad line.

Try downloading any software from CNET. It’ll give you the option to test your download speed. Probably a more accurate test.

Winxp reserves 20% of it’s bandwidth for ‘internal uses’ and you can adjust this to your needs. I have this set to 0% and have had no problems.

follow link below

The site has oodles of tweaks for xp including a DNS cache tweak.