Need money? Cheat on wife then sue mistress for damages

Cheat on your wife with someone wealthy and then have your wife sue the woman.

I guess you could also cheat on your husband and have your husband see the mister but I don’t know if that’s part of the Taiwan system.

interesting…that sounds like a plan B with potential…

On Thursday (Oct 3), actor Mars Ma and actress Hitomi Wang apologised for having an affair while Ma’s wife, fashion designer Leong Man Teng, is seeking NT$4 million (S$180,000) in damages from Wang.

Er…what was damaged? :ponder:

so, can she sue her mother?

My word, that’s harsh. I’m having an affair with your mum.

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That is an epic story, with a pretty infuriating ending. One quote only:

“I found his character acceptable” :face_with_monocle::interrobang::x:

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His schlong apparently…maybe it wouldn’t work properly for her.

It seems that actors and actresses often get confused between their onscreen roles and real life.

Adultery is a crime punishable by fine and imprisonment in Taiwan. One can pay punitive damages to avoid jail time. Divorces in Taiwan is less devastating than USA divorces where the none-working spouse can demand 50% of assets plus alimony and child support. USA family court favors toward feminine biases where as Taiwan family court favors children welfare above all consideration. Definitely no Jeff , Mckenzie Bezos, and Lauren Sanchez magnitude for Taiwan affairs. It’s much much low key here.

My wife told me about these, in her words, “scumbags.” Public opinion has soured on them a lot, especially just coming off a popular show.

You have to be pretty twisted to go through with what you’re suggesting.

Then the woman can counter sue for fraud!

Was the content not according to the description?