Need someone to help you set up a business? - Recommendations

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Since many of us complain about bad service we receive… I thought I should write a quick note about someone who did a good job.

I recently setup a foreign registered company and used an accountant named Andrew Pang. He works for a local firm called Fubou and was quick, competent, and did everything by the book. The total cost was around 20K (I set up a foreign registered company w/500K of capital and a work permit) with a few k more if you need an ARC. The whole process took about 1-1.5months. The ironic thing for me was that upon finishing the process I got a job offer back in the states that I couldn’t refuse and ended up shutting the company down. Figures. Anyways, he did a good job and I wanted to recommend him to anyone who needs to setup a company. His phone number is 2777-3298, email: He speaks English and Chinese.

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Hi I am new in this forums and i just saw this topic that makes me look forward to write my first post! :smiley:
I have been living in taiwan for 5 years now and as everyone knows for issuing our work permits or setting up our own business we do need some help from professionals! I am glad that since i started with my business in this beautiful country i met a CPA accountant agency that not only help me register my company but also instructed me on some law matters that i wasnt aware at first in Taiwan. They speak english and chinese too so i would like to recommend this other company to anyone who would like to set up a new business in taiwan. their website is their phone number 02 2721 8918 (they are in taipei!)

Thanks for the insight in your message. Are the “K’s” you refer to NT $$$ ? Please advise as I am having a dumb moment.
Thank you.

Any more recommendations for English-speaking accountants? We’re currently being quoted $NT2500 per month, rising to $3000 per month next year, to handle tax accounting and VAT declaration.

I don’t mean to be a party pooper but are you licensed as a CPA (if you plan to act as agent for establishing companies) and immigration agent (if you plan to help people get ARCs)? I had considered offering a similar service some time ago and eventually decided it was not worth the risk to do it under the table and not worth the expense to do it legally. When offering immigration advice there is a bond required to get licensed.

Were you asking me Ilary? I’m not offering services - I was giving the details of a quote we’d been given, and asking if anyone knew of an good accountant who could offer a better deal. It seems pricey to me.

Either a post got deleted or I had a brain fart and replied in the wrong thread… either way, that wasn’t meant for you :slight_smile:

No probs. :thumbsup: