Need to find the software driver for "Video Controller (VGA Compatible)"


I need a little help to fix a friend’s computer. For some reason, there is no driver for the Video Controller (VGA Compatible).

He’s running an Athlon XP 2400 processor with Windows XP.

As I’m not sure how to download or install this, any help would be appreciatied.


The Big Babou

you’ll need a winXP CD

this is what i’d try first:
uninstall the driver
restart computer
windows has found new hardware
insert winXP cd
install driver

^should be ok after that - if not, then you’ll have to download the driver from the video cards website


You can download drivers from the internet. One option would be to go to has VGA drivers also. You shouldnt have a problem. Let me know how it goes.


urghh… vga compatible adapter probably means xp has no driver information available as part of the os(or you garbled up the installation of the driver)if your not sure what manufacture the graphics card is…(it sounds like they have a newer computer) have them check the cd’s they got with their computer if they got one they just put together, then they should, might be on the motherbaord cd… if they have a band name computer like IBM or whatever… jsut hope to their website and grab the driver… the ibm or dell should clearly state the model # somewhere…

anyone remeber… in windows 98 i could issue a debug command and it would return a string giving some identification ofr the video card in the machine… i forget how i did that

That’s more like it! I checked the manufacturer (Albatron) to track down the driver requirements (nvidia nforce 2) and then download the required driver. Hopefully this will fix the problem!

By the way, I had tried the winXP disc and 3 other discs full of drivers, but they didn’t work. I guess Illah’s tip has done the job.

Thanks everyone,

The Big Babou

Oh, if it’s a nVdia, just go the nVidia web site and download the newest Detonater drivers. Plain and simple.