Needed: Help making VCD from MPEG


I need to be able to play some MPEG files on VCD player for teaching purposes.

As far as I know, MPEG files are the same files that a vcd uses but the VCD needs to see stuff in other folders.

Unfortunately, my burner program is Easy CD Creator Basic which does not have the VCD feature.

Is there a free program or a manual way to create the VCD?

Thanks for your help.

use nero. It has a template for vcd and you just drag and drop the file.


I agree, Nero’s an easy-to-use program. But what if you want to put a DVD onto VCD? For teaching purposes, of course…


you can download a free, but fully functional trial version of nero from
But there are mpeg files, and there are mpeg files. VCD players are pretty, has to have all sort of fiddly bits set right. You can get a free VCD-Compatible encoder from

Thanks for the help. Unfortunately, I’m still stuck on stinky dial up access for an other two months, so downloading a program won’t be an option

Is there a way to manually wing it, or is someone in the vicinity of Costco Kaohsiung who’d like to swap a blank cd for it? I’ll treat ya to a slice of great pizza.

SOftware police: It’s ok to share shareware.


Another option is Ulead DVD MovieFactory, a very easy way to encode video to MPEG1 (the video format for VCD) or MPEG2 (the video format for DVD) and then burn VCDs or DVDs. Check it out here:

There is a trial download.


nero software is usually included with new cdr/rw drives. It has settings to create vcd and svcd and will check the video to make sure that it fits the correct specs so you are not burning a bad vcd.

VCD uses mpeg1 and DVD uses mpeg2. tmpgenc can do conversions. It will use up all of your computer’s processing power to do the encoding. The program actually include settings for vcd, svcd, and dvd.


DVD MovieFactory also lets you make scene selection menus for the VCD and DVD format.