Negative image

So I posted this…

…and it appeared as a negative image, yet clicking on it makes the original version appear. I thought maybe if I switched out of Black mode it would display correctly, but switching to Dark, Darkmosa, and even Classic had no change on it. Then I logged out, and it was still the negative image.

I imagine I could fix it by editing the file (it’s just a random thing I got from an image search), but is it actually supposed to do this, or is it a bug?

That image again:

Same image with metadata stripped:

Its “color space” is CMYK instead of the usual RGB, if that makes a difference.

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Yes, that is the problem at hand.

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…and here I thought this thread was another cry for help!

I was all prepared with caring, concerned words and you guys are just talking about computer stuff. :frowning:


@RickRoll also had this issue.

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Yes, I did have this issue when posting the vogmasks models.

Both looks the same for me…

So it seems that’s not a isolated problem with Discourse

I usually take a screenshot and crop it then repost the image.

It’s a workaround, but not the ideal solution.

In the pic I’ve posted before, details of each mask would be missed if I just took a screenshot, due to different definitions.

Also, if I remember correctly, not everybody was seeing the image I’ve posted as RGB negative.
I wonder if it’s happening the same with @yyy pic.
Is there anyone seeing it in the original colors (without clicking to open it)?

I see it as negative.

But everything in my life is negative anyway…so it fits in.

Kidding. Yes. It’s a negative colour image.

The issue is with Imagick which Discourse uses.

See first comment in notes:


It looks pretty cool as negative though.

Her eyes though…

Well, I’ll take a look at the solutions posted, thanks.

Screen captured, cropped and reposted.

Saved image, reposted.

Saved image, screen captured, cropped, reposted.


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When you screen capture, you generate a different image, which is in RGB already. Hence, no issues happen in this way.


You also can not keep the background transparency when screen capturing.