Neil Young: Living With War

Listen to Living With War here:

I’m a big Neil fan. I’ll bookmark this. Cheers! I saw him in London ooh about fifteen years ago, one of the support acts was Pearl Jam. Rockin’ show. :notworthy:

Oh yes - worth a listen. Although his voice isn’t as powerful as it used to be.

Evidently, either is his brain.

Evidently, either is his brain.[/quote]

Why do you say that?

The cd is pretty good. “Let’s Impeach the President” (comes on at the 25 min mark) is a very catchy tune, and there are a few others. Nothing that comes close to “Keep on Rocking in the Free World,” or “This Bud’s for You,” but very good nonetheless.

Unlike a number of long-in-the-tooth acts, or one-hit wonders that keep playing the same tune, again, and again, and again, both of whom should have packed it in a long time ago, Neil keeps coming out with interesting new stuff, new packaging, new ideas. Quite an accomplishment, particularly at this point in his career.

Sure, agreed. But he has had his terrible moments too. When buying his material you really have to be careful, just like Zappa and Lou Reed.

I will listen to it tomorrow. I have computer problems now.
I never have liked him that much. The CSNY stuff is kind of cool, and the one where the archer hit the tree, but after that, not for me.

Richard - I can seriuosly recommend “On the beach” It has only recently made it on to CD, but is one of his finest electric outings. It was recorded in '74. I managed to pick up a copy of it in Taiwan. It really bridges the gap between the country, rock and metal styles he is famed for and gives his body of work more coherence.


You’re right, you’ve got to be careful. Nonetheless, isn’t it nice, that someone like Neil hasn’t gotten stuck in the rut of playing the same song, again and again, and… You can be sure that he’s giving an honest effort and always trying to get it right. Not always the case, is it?

I’m going to buy the CD. I love Neil Young!

And it sounds as if his brain is in perfect condition given the material in this album!

I really like NY… I’ve seen him about 5 times, and enjoyed each show.

I haven’t heard his new record yet, but I am aware of what it is about. I’m sure I probably disagree with him re the subject matter… but, I have always liked him and admired him for his willingness to stand on principle. I did see a short interview of him a few days ago speaking about his new record, and I thought he was well spoken and I agree with his respect for free speech and the ability to have differences with others and yet remain civil, if not friendly with such others.

I suppose I’ll give the new record a listen soon, as I like NY and his music, usually… even If I might disagree with his politics on occassion.

I also like the way NY has stayed relevant and done so in his own way and on his own terms. During the lolapalooza (spelling?) gigs, in which he participated, he also operated a tent for Lionel model trains and sets. Apparently he has invented or designed some sort of gizmo that allows his child, who suffers from some physical/mental disadvantage, to be able to operate the train set. That’s fucking cool, IMO.

Edit: I just searched for info re NY and Lionel… looks like NY owned 20% of Lionel… but, Lionel has filed for bankruptcy after a court ruled that Lionel stole a design for a train from a competitor… Oh well… :s

Sure, far too many musicians get stuck playing the one-note solo (so to speak :wink:)

Just look at the horrible mess Metallica are putting out these days. I know the music is much harder, but the principle has to be the same. Passion, performance and ideas are soooo important in music.

I was a huge fan of theirs for years, but they’ve just turned into a (well…er…adjective…) bunch of forty-something-ex-good-songwriters. For want of a better description.

Neil on the other hand is still (mostly) putting out good records.

I just listened to the first couple tunes. I bookmarked it and I will listen more later.

Sounds excellent to me. Just an amazingly talented songwriter and musician in my book. I don’t know the real musical term to describe how he often has a descending melody in the chorus. I really like it. I’d like to hear more harmonica though because he plays it so amazingly.


Nope. Don’t like it. It’s just too whiney for me.

The voice or the message?

The voice and the music. I like the poetry and the message.

His voice does suck at first. It took me a long time to appreciate it. Give him credit, most people with a voice like that do not sing… Dylan is much the same that way. That’s why their efforts are very poetically oriented. They have to make up for the less popular voice somehow… :wink: Something NY does very well.


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