Nero "upgrade downloadable serial number"

Does anyone know how Nero’s serial number “upgrade” works?

I have a legitimate copy of Nero 5, and a legitimate copy of Nero Express (I think it’s either 5.5 or 6, not sure). I don’t have the original Nero 5 CD, and I don’t have the serial number any longer (it is probably stored in the registry somewhere), and it’s locked to the TDK CDRW drive I already own anyway.

I just got a new DVD+RW drive (thanks man!) and need to upgrade to Nero 6 to use it.

Nero sells an upgrade SN for US$40 (or I can buy a whole new copy for $80). If I use the SN upgrade method, do I need the old CDs in hand, or does it just need to scan the drive/registry for the information? Also, will it allow me to use the new drive or will it be locked to my old TDK drive?

When you buy the upgrade, it will ask you for the old serial as part of the order process.

In the registry the serial is in: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Ahead\Nero - Burning ROM\Info

Annoyingly they don’t make it easy by putting it on the Help/About… screen like most programs.

By the way, if you order with a Taiwan mailing address you save about $10.